Hydrogen as a game changer – VERBUND is networking internationally


VERBUND joins AquaVentus and Dii Desert Energy networks in spring 2022.

Vienna, May 2022. VERBUND is consolidating its international network when it comes to hydrogen: Green hydrogen represents an essential tool for achieving the ambitious climate targets, primarily in sectors that cannot be directly and immediately electrified. It is precisely for the import of green hydrogen that international networks are of great importance. This is why VERBUND has also joined the two AquaVentus and Dii Desert Energy networks in spring 2022.

Green hydrogen is the strategic focus of VERBUND, not least due to the ambitious climate targets. In its role as a long-term decarbonisation partner, VERBUND implements local projects in collaboration with partners from various sectors and pushes the establishment of a green hydrogen economy via import routes. International networks are a key to success here. 

"We are pushing forward the import of green hydrogen together with strong partners. Our membership of AquaVentus has strengthened our network in Northern Europe, and with Dii Desert Energy in the South," explains Hamead Ahrary, Head of Hydrogen at VERBUND. 

Starting from Helgoland in the German Bight as a real laboratory, AquaVentus is focused on sustainably achieving the goals of the German and European hydrogen strategy. The visionary project of AquaVentus: 10 gigawatts of generation capacity for green hydrogen from offshore wind energy by 2035 and its transportation on land. There are currently almost 95 companies, research institutions and organisations that are members of the AquaVentus Association.

Dii Desert Energy is an industrial network made up of around 100 international companies. The objective is to achieve an emission-free supply of energy both in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region and globally. The focus is on launching a green hydrogen economy with the "MENA Hydrogen Alliance" founded in 2020. 

"We anticipate a strong increase in the demand for green hydrogen for large industrial and mobility consumers. This demand cannot be met from local production alone. It will therefore be necessary to import green hydrogen over the long term. Our analyses have shown that conditions for the production of green hydrogen are very good in northern Europe as well as in the MENA region.  This is why joining the two strong networks AquaVentus and Dii Desert Energy is a logical step for us," concludes Hamead Ahrary. 


Portrait Florian Seidl Florian Seidl

Spokesperson Region East

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