Green electricity for sustainable production and stable electricity costs


The solar power from their own roof makes companies more independent

More and more large companies are changing sides and moving away from being electricity consumers to producers of solar power. VERBUND, Austria's leading energy company, supports industrial enterprises in Austria with the PV operator model in their transition to sustainable production with predictable costs.  

Different business interests – common goals

As different as the companies and their business models are, they all have one thing in common: the goal to make their production processes more independent, greener and more cost efficient. Roof surfaces are used to generate solar power, which saves on energy costs and at the same time optimise the climate balance. That creates planning certainty. A factor that is of decisive importance given current developments on the energy market. 

Economics and ecology in harmony

The major future topics require more intelligent, interlinked, efficient and sustainable solutions. That is why ever more companies are opting to generate green electricity on the roofs of their own production or storage halls. The solar electricity from the PV facilities flows directly into the processes and almost 100% of it is consumed on site. That makes production even more sustainable and has a positive effect on the energy balance because it significantly reduces the CO2 footprint of the businesses. In this way, companies also make an contribution to the energy transition.

No investment costs, no risk

The VERBUND operator model makes it easy for companies to get into producing their own solar power. VERBUND installs the photovoltaic facilities at its own expense and risk. The companies procure the solar power for a fixed agreed price inclusive of all charges and levies. After the contract period has expired, the businesses will also benefit from photovoltaic facilities that will supply free, climate-neutral solar power for many years to come. "We are a strong energy partner and offer everything under one roof – from the supply of electricity and green electricity certificates to business solutions for photovoltaics, battery storage and charging infrastructure for electromobility. We accompany and support our customers on the way to the energy future," says Martin Wagner, managing director of VERBUND Energy4Business GmbH.

VERBUND has always focused on supplying large customers with electricity from renewable generation. In addition to the classic full supply or structured purchasing on long and short-term energy markets, the topic of photovoltaics, alongside flexibility marketing or battery solutions, covers a range of services that individually or as a bundle are generating a lot of interest at Austrian industrial firms. "That's exactly how I also see the topic of photovoltaics," says Wagner. "We are not classic facility builders, but claim to consider the topic from an overall energy industry perspective. The operation of renewable energy sources and their optimisation on the energy markets is a core competence of VERBUND and simultaneously also a major differentiator from pure PV facility installers." 

"Even if the topic of photovoltaics is currently on everyone's lips, the technology it requires has been matured over years and the market is hotly contested," says Martin Wagner. "The best purchase terms for components, tight planning and error-free construction management, incorporation into an overall energy concept as well as efficient maintenance are the factors for success here and guarantee our customers a safe and clean power supply from their own roof."
Gerlinde Gänsdorfer VERBUND Press Office

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