VERBUND power plant Jettenbach-Töging commences operations

30.09.2022Töging am Inn

The new building has enabled the installed power plant capacity to be increased by around 40% and the annual electricity generation by around 25%. In Töging, electricity is now generated to cover the annual demand of around 200,000 Bavarian households.

After four years under construction, the renovated and expanded Inn power plant at Jettenbach-Töging was ceremoniously put into operation by Minister President Dr Markus Söder, MdL and Environment Minister Thorsten Glauber, MdL (Member of the Landtag). The modern power plant building was erected next to the historic existing power plant, which was handed over for its intended use in 1924. The new building has enabled the installed power plant capacity to be increased by around 40% and the annual electricity generation by around 25%. In Töging, electricity is now generated to cover the annual demand of around 200,000 Bavarian households.

Minister President Dr Markus Söder, MdL emphasised Bavaria’s leading position in renewable energies in his speech to mark the power plant’s initial operation. He said hydropower played an special role thanks to its round-the-clock availability: 
“Hydropower is real home-grown energy. Green electricity for 200,000 households is generated here in a century-old structure. Bavaria is the land of hydropower: in total, 4,200 small and large facilities generate electricity for four million households. We believe firmly in hydropower and are continuing to develop it further.”

Environment Ministry Thorsten Glauber, MdL, also addressed electricity generation and the ecological aspects of hydropower plant: “The Töging hydropower plant is a model example for regenerative electricity generation in Bavaria. Around 200,000 households are supplied with renewable electricity. The construction of the new Töging power plant and the ecological measures along the Inn represent a plus for electricity generation and a plus for the natural world. Hydropower is key to a successful energy transition in Bavaria. The mega-project in Töging is a visible figurehead for the energy transition in Bavaria."

Dr Michael Strugl, CEO of VERBUND, not only expressed his thanks for the appreciation shown to the hydropower company, but also made a promise on this “good day for the energy transition”: “The expansion of renewable energies is a key response to the challenges of our time. The climate and biodiversity crisis and the painful dependencies we are currently experiencing demand decisive action from us all. VERBUND is making its contribution so that we can reach the climate and energy targets in Bavaria as well. Today, we can celebrate a milestone: the initial operation of the Jettenbach-Töging power plant brings us 14% closer to the Bavarian expansion targets for hydropower. But we won’t rest on our laurels, which is why VERBUND will be investing 1 billion euros every year in the energy transition.”

Dr Achim Kaspar, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of VERBUND Innkraftwerke GmbH, emphasised the importance of ecology and efficiency at VERBUND: “Here in Bavaria as well, we have shown that hydropower is not only a tradition, but that is also has a future: significantly improving an existing power plant without further intervention in nature and the environment was a masterstroke; 25% additional electricity generation each year shows us that hydropower is a reliable and strong partner for the future of renewable energy in Bavaria. VERBUND and VERBUND Innkraftwerke demonstrate day after day that efficient and ecological hydropower can be a reality. Countless environmental measure aimed at protecting nature and species were also implemented here in the course of the project. A win for hydropower and the environment.”

“Töging is the epicentre of hydropower in Germany!” attested District Administrator Schneider from Altötting, emphasising the importance of hydropower: “Generating electricity from hydropower was and is a lifeline and basis for economic development in Altötting district and therefore of paramount importance for the location. Especially given the current energy crisis, the expansion and renovation of Töging power plant comes at exactly the right time!”

District Administrator for Mühldorf, Max Heimerl, placed the initial operation of the new plant in a historical context: "The construction of the canal and power plant 100 years ago was an extraordinary pioneering achievement. With the new power plant, this project of the century is not only experiencing its continuation, but also taking a leap into the modern age at the same time. The fact that the existing structure is being used as well as possible is a fantastic example of how our contribution to the energy transition can be increased in an economically meaningful and ecologically compatible way.

Michael Amerer, CEO of VERBUND Innkraftwerke, looked back to the time when the decision was taken to implement the Jettenbach-Töging project: “We have always believed in hydropower – the decision we took at the time is even more important today. For us, the Töging project is still not entirely complete. Because we will be using the historic building itself for the VERBUND Hydropower Competence Centre in Bavaria. Together with the training of apprentices at the Töging training centre, we will develop the location further and strengthen the hydropower state of Bavaria on its way to the renewable energy future.”

“Here in Töging, we have been able to show that there is still a lot of energy in existing power plants. Increasing this is part of our strategy. However, we must also advance the expansion of hydropower. We have plans and thoughts on this that we would like to implement in contribution to the energy transition. Specifically, we have presented ecologically optimised projects for the Lower Salzach, which use synergies from the use of energy and the rehabilitation of rivers. With the Riedl energy store, we also want to strengthen the storage capabilities in Bavaria for electricity generated using wind and sun from Bavaria,” said Innkraftwerke CEO Karl Heinz Gruber, addressing future projects.

About the Jettenbach-Töging power plant

Construction of the diversion power plant by Innwerk, Bayerische Aluminium AG, commenced in 1919. By 1924, the weir at Jettenbach-Aschau, the almost 23 km-long Inn Canal and the power plant in Töging am Inn were complete. It was a technical pioneering achievement that reliably supplied clean electricity from renewable hydropower until 2021. 

While the power plant was also used for the generation of direct current until the mid-1990s to facilitate electrolysis in the adjacent aluminium production site, it generated only alternative current after the site was closed down, which was fed into the grid. Until electricity generation in the historic power house ceased in 2021, 14 machine sets with a total capacity of 85 MW generated 557 GWh of electricity a year.

In 2015, the project of VERBUND Innkraftwerke for the renovation and modernisation of the power plant at Jettenbach-Töging was submitted to the district council office in Mühldorf am Inn for approval. Initial preparatory measures were implemented in the autumn of 2018. With the issuing of the permit, a start was made on actually implementing the project in 2019. 

In Töging am Inn, a new power house was built below the neighbouring heritage-listed building. The Inn Canal was also upgraded to cope with an increased volume of water. Modifications were therefore made to the canal sealing; the Jettenbach-Aschau weir, where the Inn Canal begins, was also rebuilt.

Three machine sets with Kaplan turbines enable a power increase of almost 40% (from 85 MW to 118 MW) and an increase in annual electricity generation of around 25% (from 557 GWh to 696 GWh). The sum invested is around 250 million euros.

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