Battery stores support the integration of renewable energies


VERBUND is adding further battery storage locations in Germany

VERBUND is adding further battery storage locations in Germany

VERBUND is expanding its storage facility portfolio using the potential of large battery stores for the integration of new renewable energies, more stability in the power grid and for marketing on the energy market.  In the first quarter of 2023, Austria’s leading energy company and one of Europe’s largest generators of electricity from hydropower has added 42 MW to its battery storage locations with the Nordbayern battery storage chain. 

The expansion of wind and solar power must be intensively pursued until 2030. However, more new renewable forms of energy also cause big fluctuations in the power grid. Battery storage has a balancing effect, regardless of whether too much or too little energy is in the system. Grid operators remunerate this balancing capacity of flexible providers, which thus make a considerable contribution to stability in the power grid. 

The battery stores offer grid-related services to secure the distribution grid and integrate renewable energies. In this way, the large storage facilities support local distribution grids. By feeding in power and work, costs for the use of upstream grid or transformer levels are saved. Excess energy is used on the balancing energy market or on the intraday market. 

Clean, safe and fast

“Only when fluctuating forms of generation are successfully integrated into strong and stable grids will the renewable future succeed: each kilowatt hour that can be generated should also be able to be generated without putting network stability at risk. The VERBUND battery stores in Bavaria and Thuringia make a valuable contribution to this. We’re working intensively on achieving the energy and climate targets. By the end of 2030, VERBUND is planning to install a total of 1 GW of battery storage capacity,” says Martin Wagner. Managing Director 
VERBUND Energy4Business. “We’re driving the energy system transition forwards energetically. With innovative overall concepts for the complex challenges of the energy transition, VERBUND is decisively pursuing the way to the energy future. Our experience and overall view make us a strong energy partner for city utilities, industry, grid and plant operators. We offer everything under one roof, from the delivery of green electricity and CO2 certificates to business solutions for photovoltaics, battery storage and flexibility marketing.”

Well on the way to the energy transition

The expansion of the portfolio and further development from storage operator using hydropower to storage operator using battery storage is a logical step for VERBUND. With its in-depth expertise in storage management combined with the trade of flexibilities on the energy markets, VERBUND is expanding its value chain. VERBUND takes on the role of investor and operator of battery storage facilities. VERBUND not only uses marketing experience of the battery flexibilities for its battery stores, but also offers this expertise to third parties. Further battery storage locations are already under construction, others are being planned.

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