Solar power from Langenzersdorf

16.06.2023Langenzersdorf, Bisamberg

At a citizens' information event, VERBUND presented its plans for a 10 megawatt photovoltaic facility. The solar power plant is to be built next to the former oil-fired power plant at Korneuburg in the municipality of Langenzersdorf. Electricity for the annual demand of 3,000 households could in future be generated on the 9.5 hectare site.

"Before submitting the plans, we wanted to present them to the local residents," says project manager Cristina Garcia Lopez. The area next to the disused oil-fired power plant at Korneuburg was ideal for this. The existing infrastructure and the unused site offer ideal conditions for electricity generation. "For the energy transition to succeed, we need to work together. We have to use available space wherever possible. This can even deliver additional benefits."

Innovative panels and biodiversity

To increase efficiency, the modern PV panels were set up facing south. The system's structure is rammed into the ground. No concrete foundation is needed to anchor it in place, which simplifies construction effort and any disassembly that may be required. There is also a biodiversity concept for the spaces in between. A privacy screen and structural elements will be installed around the project area. Hedges and flower meadows should provide habitat for insects and ground breeders. 

Participating in the energy transition: VERBUND-Klimasparen (Climate Saving)

The neighbourhood should also profit from the facility's financial returns. As a driver of the energy transition, VERBUND is looking here to connect with the people in the region so that they become part of the energy transition. As ecology and economy go hand in hand, there are not only long-term benefits in the fight against global heating and the exit from fossil energy. The "Klimasparen" (Climate Saving) model would be an attractive investment product for this. Moreover, a limited number of accounts are reserved exclusively for residents of the municipalities in which the facilities are located. Thanks to a guaranteed, attractive interest rate, the benefit of electricity from renewable energy can be felt from year one.


Portrait Florian Seidl Florian Seidl

Spokesperson Region East

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