FISCHER BROT now bakes with solar power


At the beginning of September, FISCHER BROT put a photovoltaic facility into operation at its location in Markgrafneusiedl in Lower Austria. With a capacity of around 1 MWp, the facility will generate around 1,010,000 kWh of electricity annually and save 57 t of CO2 * per year, which corresponds to the annual electricity requirement of around 200 Austrian households. VERBUND, Austria’s leading energy company, built and commissioned the PV facility together with the subsidiary MSP Solarpower.

“We have a high claim to quality, which applies equally to our products and processes. Economic success goes hand in hand with environmental measures. That’s why we’ve opted for the use of electricity from renewable sources,” explains Stefan Huemer, Managing Director, Production and Technology, FISCHER BROT GmbH. “The VERBUND operator model is the ideal solution for us to make the switch to solar power – risk-free and without investment costs. We use unused roof surfaces, optimise our CO2 scoreboard and save costs. That fits perfectly with our sustainability strategy and our products.”

Sustainable baking tradition

FISCHER BROT supplies a wide range of baked goods from a single source and is a national market leader for Kaisersemmelwürfel (dumpling bread) & Kaisersemmelbrösel (breadcrumbs) as well as sliced bread made with natural sourdough. With continuous innovative strength, paired with reliability and quality, the company has been asserting its position in the hotly contested baked goods market for over six decades. “As a family company, we place particular importance on producing items in harmony with the environment. Our locations are subject to the highest standards of sustainability,” underscores Huemer. “The photovoltaic system has been adapted to the electricity consumption profile of the company and ensures that almost 100% of the generated electricity flows directly into production. That has a positive impact on our CO2 scorecard. In addition, we will benefit in the long term from lower electricity costs than the grid can supply and for many years after the contract expires from the solar power we produce on our own roofs. With VERBUND, we have a reliable, innovative partner for our PV ambitions and the topic of green energy.”

Powerful bundling characterised by the sun

The installation of the PV facility at FISCHER BROT is the first project to be implemented in the new tie-up between Solarpower Holding (incl. MSP Solarpower and iFix-Solar) and VERBUND. Together, the new partners will further advance the expansion of photovoltaics in Austria under the VERBUND umbrella. 

“We are massively advancing the expansion of renewable energy. That is a win-win strategy for business, society and the environment. Our PV model ensures optimal in-house consumption of solar power on site, thereby relieving the power grids. Because electricity consumed directly on site does not have to be transported in the grid and increases the efficiency of the facility. Photovoltaics offer all the technological possibilities to continue advancing the energy transition, so that we reach our climate targets by 2030. The prerequisite is that these possibilities are used and all actors make their contribution to the joint success of the energy transition,” emphasises martin Wagner, Managing Director VERBUND Energy4Business GmbH.

A strong partnership for the future energy supply from solar power.
Gerlinde Gänsdorfer VERBUND Press Office

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