VERBUND Scholarship for Women awarded to three female students at TU Wien


Targeted support of scholarship holders at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) in the amount of EUR 5,000

VERBUND has spent many years doing things to convince more women to take up technical vocations. In cooperation with the Career Centre at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), the VERBUND Scholarship for Women is awarded to female students each year and is worth EUR 5,000 each.


“At VERBUND, we see diversity as a factor for success,” says Michael Strugl, CEO VERBUND, at the ceremonial awarding of the VERBUND Scholarships for Women 2023. “We awarded the first VERBUND Scholarship for Women in 2009, since when more than 40 women in technology have received a scholarship and been supported for a full year with tailored funding packages. I am especially pleased that three former scholarship holders now work with us in the company.”

Each year, the VERBUND Scholarship for Women is awarded to three female students at TU Wien. They receive a tailored funding package worth EUR 5,000 and are supported in their personal and professional further education for a whole year. VERBUND also offers further benefits, such as, for example, the support of Master’s and diploma theses, insights through the attendance of specialist conferences, workshops or guided tours of power plants. The application period for 2024 is expected to open in March 2024.


“The main objective of the VERBUND Scholarship for Women is to inspire more women to get involved in exciting technical fields. Every year, the VERBUND scholarship holders impressively demonstrate the success and joy with which women live out their passion for technology. They thus serve as a positive example for many who are on the verge of choosing their studies or profession,” adds Georg Westphal, head of Strategic Human Resources Management at VERBUND


“Here at the TU Career Centre, we’ve been delighted to supported the VERBUND Scholarship for Women for many years as a programme partner. This programme for supporting women offers not only financial assistance, but also a unique opportunity for professional and personal further development. Our partnership with VERBUND underscores our commitment to equality and diversity, through which women are strengthened in a broad range of areas. We are convinced that the scholarship holders of the VERBUND Scholarship for Women will actively help shape the future and we are proud to accompany them on their journey,” says Julia Hainitz, Managing Director of the TU Career Centre.


The scholarship holders 2023

The three holders of the VERBUND Scholarship for Women impressed with outstanding study results, practical experience and a high level of social competence. They can look forward to tailored support for their careers for one academic year.

Magdalene Opoku, Bachelor of Civil Engineering

“I applied for the VERBUND Scholarship for Women because I believe it is important to support women in technology. I see VERBUND as being a company that prioritises sustainability and our environment,” says civil engineering student and VERBUND scholarship holder Magdalena Opoku in support of her application. She continues, “As women, we are under-represented in many MINT professions. The challenge is to break down certain stereotypes. Acquired knowledge knows no gender, background or religion.”

Pia Schwarzinger, Master’s degree in Data Science

“When I was 16 years old, I had the opportunity to explore the specialism of Information Technology for the first time during my semester abroad in Canada. This experience turned out to be really fascinating; in particular, the feeling of being able to solve complex problems using technology was ultimately what attracted me to study for my degree at the Vienna University of Technology,” says scholarship holder Pia Schwarzinger, who is studying for a Master’s degree in Data Science. “The challenges associated with MINT professions are in many ways comparable with those in other areas of activity. Ultimately, however, passion and unconditional ambition are decisive for personal success and I’m convinced that this applies regardless of gender.”

Sandra Szedenik, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

“I must confess that I’ve never once felt confronted by any obstacles in my career as a woman. But I can understand that many women can feel deterred by working or studying as one of the few who do so in this field,” says Sandra Szedenik, student of Mechanical Engineering and VERBUND scholarship holder. “Personally, I’d like to see more women in my discipline because I think that more women would bring a new and refreshing perspective to many aspects in the field of technology.”  


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