Embankment maintenance on the Inn benefits people and animals


At the beginning of February, the VERBUND Inn power plants are starting maintenance activities on the woodland along the Inn embankment in the town of Rosenheim and in the district of Hofleiten.

Verbund Innkraftwerke is responsible for maintaining the flood protection on the left bank of the Inn in the area of the town of Rosenheim and on the right bank in the district of Hofleiten. The tasks involved in this also include the regular removal and thinning of shrubs and trees in order to ensure the stability of the embankment in the event of a flood. The maintenance measures mainly take place in the winter months outside of the bird breeding season. Instead of clearing the area completely, there is a selective removal of trees with a trunk diameter of at least 15 centimetres and the creation of glades with the goal of rejuvenating the existing stock.

The precise scope of the planned measures was determined in autumn 2023 on a walkabout with representatives of the water management authority, the town of Rosenheim and VERBUND Innkraftwerke. The work, which is supported by nature conservation experts, is taking place on the sections of embankment from the railway bridge to the bridge over the Inn and from the gauge house below the Mangfall estuary as far as the district of Langenpfunzen, and will last until the end of February. During this period and until the removal of the cuttings by mid-March, there will be restrictions on usability. There may be road closures in some places. 


Rainer Tschopp

Spokesperson Region West

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