Kyon Energy selling a 116 megawatt hour project in Rhineland-Palatinate to Austrian energy supplier VERBUND


Kyon Energy, a leading project developer of large-scale battery storage in Germany, has obtained approval for a new large-scale battery storage facility in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The planned facility will be realised in Weißenthurm-Kettig and have a storage power of 50 megawatts and a storage capacity of 116 megawatt hours. Construction of the facility is scheduled for 2025, with initial operation taking place at the end of 2025/beginning of 2026.

The project was awarded in December 2023 to Austria’s leading energy company VERBUND, which will be responsible for long-term operation of the facility following its initial operation. The storage facility in Rhineland-Palatinate is thus part of an extensive joint framework agreement between Kyon Energy and VERBUND, within the scope of which a total of 300 megawatts of storage power are to be realised in the German battery storage market. 

The storage facility will take on decisive system services of benefit to the electricity grid. It will stabilise the grid frequency through the provision of an operating reserves, smooth out price spikes through the provision of flexibilities in spot and intraday trading and overall smooth out any volatilities that arise in the generation of electricity generation from renewable energies.

“Battery storage plays a central role in the integration of new renewables into the energy system. We combine our know-how in the areas of storage facilities and the energy market with expertise in flexibility marketing, thus initiating a trend reversal and in doing so making an important contribution to the success of the energy transition,” emphasises Martin Wagner, Managing Director of VERBUND Energy4Business GmbH. “VERBUND is fully focused on the energy future: by the end of 2030, VERBUND is planning to install a total of 1 GW of battery storage capacity.”

“An intelligent energy future in Germany depends on the integration of flexible storage options. Battery storage facilities are not only key components for the stability and flexibility of the power grid, but also decisive drivers for sustainable energy solutions and the energy transition overall,” says Florian Antwerpen, one of the managing directors of Kyon Energy.

Kyon Energy and VERBUND have already collaborated and realised multiple projects in the past. For example, the VERBUND storage facilities in Iphofen and Diespeck in Bavaria were put into operation at the beginning of 2023 with 20 megawatts of storage power each.

About Kyon Energy

Kyon Energy is a German project development company that focuses on large-scale battery storage systems.  Since its founding, Kyon Energy has developed storage projects with an output of 770 megawatts. 120 megawatts are already in operation, 350 megawatts under construction and 300 megawatts ready for construction. With a project pipeline of over 7 GW, Kyon Energy is one of the market leaders in Germany. The company has a particular focus on the development and optimisation of multi-use strategies, combined with an in-depth know-how of project development and administration as well as the regulation of large battery storage systems. Through its battery storage systems, Kyon Energy is a driver of the energy transition and striving for a world powered by renewable, sustainable and independent energy.

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