PV facilities for manufacturing and cultural enterprises


Large-scale PV facilities are making companies more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective. VERBUND, Austria’s leading energy company and one of Europe’s largest generators of electricity from hydropower, supports enterprises on their journey to the energy future with the PV operator model.

More cost efficient and more climate neutral

Photovoltaics are at their most effective when the generated electricity is used directly on site without having to divert via the electricity grid. Increasing numbers of business owners benefit from this simple principle and know how to appreciate and use the power of the sun. In addition to environmentally friendly energy generation and the reduction of CO2 emissions, VERBUND guarantees lower electricity costs than procurement from the grid in the long term. The photovoltaic systems are adapted to the electricity consumption of the companies and ensure that almost 100% of the generated electricity flows directly into production. The reduction in the carbon footprint is only one positive side-effect. Production and sustainability go hand in hand. Companies also benefit from many more years of clean electricity from in-house generation at zero cost, even after the contract expires.

Mastering the energy transition together

The VERBUND operator model is an easy and cost-efficient way to get into the production of solar electricity. VERBUND constructs the photovoltaic facilities at its own expense and risk. The companies procure the solar power for a fixed agreed price inclusive of all charges and levies. "The transformation of the energy system requires more intelligent, interconnected and sustainable solutions. As a strong energy partner, we offer everything under one roof – from the supply of electricity and green electricity certificates to business solutions for photovoltaics, battery storage, flexibility marketing and charging infrastructure for electromobility. We accompany and support our customers on the way to the energy future in all matters relating to energy," says Martin Wagner, managing director of VERBUND Energy4Business GmbH.

VERBUND looks at companies from an overall energy perspective. The operation of renewable energy sources and their optimisation on the energy markets is a core competence of VERBUND and simultaneously also a major differentiator from pure PV facility installers.

"Our customers benefit from being integrated into a holistic energy concept, tighter planning and construction, efficient maintenance and operational management and the resulting safe and clean power supply," says Wagner. Important Austrian industrial companies such as OMV, Lenzing, Borealis, Lafarge, SGL, voestalpine and Magna already successfully rely on energy solutions from VERBUND and use the power of the sun in grand style. Venerable institutions such as the Wiener Burgtheater also rely on solar power.

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