Flexibility is the key to the success of the energy transition


The solutions for a secure energy supply will be intelligent, digital and flexible. Keeping generation and consumption in balance is one of the big challenges of the energy transition. With VERBUND-Power-Flex, VERBUND Energy4Business provides a tailored marketing solution including optimisation on all energy markets. Flexible facilities and storage systems are optimised according to requirements and used profitably. This enables plant operators to generate additional revenue and make a contribution to a stable electricity grid.

Everything from one source – digital, resource-saving and fully automatic

From availability reporting via deployment optimisation on all short-term energy markets to system control and transparent reporting – everything is processed fully automatically. The trading algorithms developed specially by VERBUND ensure the intelligent placing of offers and in doing so take into account the opportunities available on all markets.

Customers benefit from VERBUND core competences – storing, marketing, securing

"Battery storage plays a central role in the integration of new renewables into the energy system. We combine our know-how in the areas of storage facilities and the energy market with expertise in flexibility marketing, Innovative management concepts provide operators of battery storage systems with a whole range of ways to develop new business models," explains Martin Wagner, managing director of VERBUND Energy4Business GmbH. Battery storage is marketed at VERBUND using a specially developed, high-performance optimisation platform. This is based on many years of experience in the marketing of pumped storage systems. VERBUND has thus been successfully marketing and optimising battery storage systems in the Austrian and German market since 2020. The marketed battery storage capacity in the Germany market alone is now more than 200 MW.


Flexible, digital and fast

On the standard reserve market, the imbalance between generation and consumption is smoothed out via the grid control quite literally at the last second to ensure the stability of the electricity grid. The VERBUND-Power-Pool combines a portfolio of industrial loads and generators, green electricity plants and storage systems right across all industries. These flexibilities jump into action when the grid is threatened with instability. In contrast to the standard reserve market, flexible demand can be adapted to the volatile feed on the intraday market through price signals. The intraday optimisation is processed fully automatically via the VEB optimisation platform Volery. By linking optimisation algorithms with automated trading algorithms, the digital trading platform reacts to price changes on the market quickly and efficiently to secure the most attractive yields. This also dynamically takes into consideration individual boundary conditions of plant operation such as, for example, storage limits and efficiency levels.


EE feed-in and battery storage – facility combination with a future

As a direct marketer in Germany, VERBUND offers marketing solutions or plans within and outside the EEG. By combining the creation of forecasts, trade on the electricity exchanges as well as connecting and operating battery storage facilities, we already have the marketing solution needed to generate attractive additional revenues for our customers from plant combinations in line with the call for innovation.

"The consistent expansion of renewable energies is accompanied by constantly new requirements for market design and the organisation of the energy markets. We are always up-to-date and make new potentials accessible to our customers. To this end, we constantly analyse the markets and processes. We provide a wide range of ways to access the market and identify the most lucrative marketing strategy for each company. All players benefit from VERBUND know-how in the energy sector,” says Wagner. 

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