VERBUND is electrifying the mobility transition


With all-in-one charging solutions for businesses and the housing industry, VERBUND offers total packages for getting into electromobility. VERBUND actively supports the industry, property and transport sectors on the way to zero-emission mobility, thereby making an important contribution to the energy transition.

The proportion of electric cars in the passenger car fleet on the roads in Germany has risen constantly in recent years and stood at around 3.9% of the total vehicle fleet in 2023. The size of the fleet also grew constantly in Austria; according to Statistik Austria, there were 155,491 purely electric passenger cars in the country at the end of December 2023. That corresponds to around 3% of the entire Austrian passenger car fleet and a remarkable 19.9% of all new registrations. Along with the interest in electric cars, there is also a growing need for charging options. For Europe as a whole, Austria is currently in the top third of countries when it comes to the expansion of the e-charging infrastructure. The number of public charging points rose from 16,000 to 24,000 in the past year alone. Charging points at business locations and in residential buildings are increasingly gaining in importance. Companies that want to electrify their fleet, offer their employees and customers charging points on the company premises and improve their CO2 scorecard benefit from the "totally carefree" offer of VERBUND Business-Charging. This solution comprises the charging infrastructure with intelligent charge management, European roaming and reporting, billing service and station management with 24-hour hotline, operation and monitoring. In this way, companies have neither a technical nor a financial risk. The convenient plug-and-play solution makes the switch to zero-emission mobility incredibly easy and gives companies new ways of achieving clean mobility, a clean image and their eco-balance.

Safe, convenient charging that saves the battery

In addition to fast charging points for topping up the battery on long-distance journeys, charging at home or at the office is particularly important. Slow charging protects the battery. That is why VERBUND is expanding its charging infrastructure portfolio and enabling simple charging at apartment blocks and office buildings with the all-in-one solution called VERBUND Immo-Charging.

Together with the leading full-service provider PAYUCA, an established partner of the Austrian housing industry, VERBUND is opening up convenient charging for long-stay parkers in tenancies. Property owners and building managers thus have the possibility to cost-effectively prepare their parking spaces in underground garages or outdoors for the ramp-up of electromobility and to simply manage long-term parking spaces in digital form. This gives rise to no additional expense and only marginal one-off costs for future-orientated housing associations, neither for planning and installation nor for operation of the charging points. At the same time, they increase and secure the value of their properties for the long term.

"Electromobility is the key to sustainably reducing the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of private transport. As a pioneer in the topic of green electricity, we are making electromobility as clean as possible. With our all-in-one solutions, we also offer the infrastructure in addition to green electricity," explains Martin Wagner, managing director of VERBUND Energy4Business GmbH. "The rapid electrification of the transport sector is driving the mobility transition forwards. With our activities aimed at decarbonising the energy system, we are addressing the sector coupling of energy and mobility, strengthening the economic location and making an important contribution to achieving the climate targets."

VERBUND is a complete provider for all aspects of energy and sustainability. Apart from electricity, flexibility marketing, photovoltaics and storage, customers now also benefit from VERBUND's expertise in e-mobility and enjoy all the advantages of sustainable locomotion.

The technical implementation partner is the 75%-owned VERBUND subsidiary SMATRICS, which is responsible for the smooth and flawless operation of the wallboxes.

As Austria's leading energy company with 97% of electricity generation coming from renewables, VERBUND sees the future of mobility in the networking of non-motorised mobility, public transport and zero-emission propulsion on the basis of renewable energies. Together with partners from research and industry, VERBUND is developing infrastructure and concrete applications suitable for everyday use. The focus here is on decarbonising the energy system by coupling the energy and transport sectors in order to achieve Austrian and international climate targets.

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