Wind power dialogue in Rainbach and Grünbach

22.03.2024Rainbach im Mühlkreis, Grünbach bei Freistadt

Big interest in wind power sites around the Schiffberg and low-cost electricity price

“With attractive participation models, we offer diverse ways for local residents to benefit directly from wind power,” says project leader Stefan Zwirschitz. At two events in the municipalities of Rainbach and Grünbach, the VERBUND project team presented the plans for using wind power.

Wind power measurements in the area around the Schiffberg are currently ongoing. A total of up to seven mast locations are planned, three of them in the district of Rainbach and four in Grünbach. After a first event for the municipal council and substitute members at the end of February, this week it was the turn of the local residents. At stations on the topics of locations, energy industry, environmental impact assessment and municipal package, VERBUND cast light on the many options for participating in the energy transition and the benefit of renewable energy from the region. 

Klimasparen (Climate Saving) with wind power

An important form of participation in wind power around the Schiffberg is the Klimasparen (Climate Saving) product: together with a bank partner from the region, VERBUND offers a proven model of a fixed-interest investment product. Interest at a rate of up to 5% will be possible for a term of 5 years. Up to 5% of the investment volume is thus achieved through a one-off investment. Up to 3,000 euros per person can be subscribed. The Klimasparen product is reserved exclusively for residents of municipalities in which the wind power sites are located. 

Citizens’ electricity model with wind power from the region

The wind turbines offer another advantage: after initial operation, it would be possible to supply locally generated electricity to a renewable energy community or citizens’ energy community. All participants could then benefit from an especially low electricity tariff. Thus, for example, an electricity price of less than 10 cents per kilowatt hour would be possible using wind power.

Further schedule

VERBUND will continue the dialogue in the coming weeks with 14-day consultations. The wind measurement and other supporting investigations will continue for the rest of the year. The intention is to submit the project for the environmental impact assessment in 2025. From today’s standpoint, completion in 2030 is realistic.

Dates at Grünbach Municipal Offices

2, 16 and 30 April 2024, 14 and 28 May 2024,
-from 9 am to 12 noon

Dates at Grünbach Municipal Offices

2, 16 and 30 April 2024, 14 and 28 May 2024,
-from 2 pm to 5 pm


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