Reappointments and new appointments to the VERBUND Supervisory Board


At the 77th Annual General Meeting, Martin Ohneberg and Eckhardt Rümmler were reappointed while Ingrid Hengster and Eva Eberhartinger were voted in as new members of the VERBUND Supervisory Board. The mandates of Christine Catasta and Barbara Praetorius expired accordingly. The proportion of women on the VERBUND Supervisory Board thus remains at 40%, both amongst the shareholder representatives and amongst the 15-member Supervisory Board as a whole.


The mandates of four elected members of the Supervisory Board, namely those of Mag. Dr Christine Catasta, Mag. Martin Ohneberg, Prof. Dr Barbara Praetorius and Dipl.-Ing. Eckhardt Rümmler, expired at today’s Annual General Meeting. During the regular election of the Supervisory Board, Martin Ohneberg and Eckhardt Rümmler were reappointed for four and three years respectively.

The Supervisory Board’s special thanks go to Christine Catasta and Barbara Praetorius, whose mandates expired at today’s Annual General Meeting.

New appointments

Newly elected to the VERBUND Supervisory Board were Ingrid Hengster and Eva Eberhartinger, both with a period in office up until the Annual General Meeting in 2027. Dr Ingrid Hengster is CEO Germany and Global Chairman Investment Banking at Barclays Bank Ireland and has more than 30 years of experience in international investment banking. Univ. Prof. Dr Eva Eberhartinger, LL.M. (Exeter) is a professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Department of Business Taxation.

With today’s election, four women continue to sit on the Supervisory Board for the capital representatives, and the proportion of women on the VERBUND Supervisory Board is 40%, both amongst the shareholder representatives and amongst the 15-member Supervisory Board as a whole. 

The former chairperson Martin Ohneberg was confirmed in his position at the subsequently convened meeting of the Supervisory Board. Edith Hlawati was confirmed as first deputy chairperson and Christine Catasta elected as second deputy chairperson.

Dividend 2023

At the Annual General Meeting, a dividend of €4.15 per share for financial year 2023 was proposed and accepted: this dividend comprises an ordinary dividend of €3.40 per share and a special dividend of €0.75 per share. The shareholders participate in the extraordinarily positive business development of the company in financial year 2023 through the one-off special dividend.

Shareholder representatives on the VERBUND Supervisory Board

  • Martin Ohneberg, chairperson of the Supervisory Board
  • Edith Hlawati, 1st deputy chairperson
  • Eva Eberhartinger 2nd deputy chairperson
  • Ingrid Hengster
  • Jürgen Roth
  • Eckhardt Rümmler
  • Christa Schlager
  • Robert Stajic
  • Stefan Szyszkowitz
  • Peter Weinelt


VERBUND AG is Austria’s leading energy company and one of Europe’s largest generators of electricity from hydropower. The company generates around 98 percent of its electricity from renewables, primarily hydropower. VERBUND trades in electricity in 12 countries and achieved an annual turnover of approximately 2,266 million euros and an EBITDA of around 4,490 million euros in 2023 with around 3,800 employees. With its subsidiaries and partners, VERBUND is active in the segments of electricity generation, transport and international trade and distribution. VERBUND has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1988, with 51% of the share capital held by the Republic of Austria.

VERBUND is the decisive player for ensuring the success of the energy transition in Austria. The challenges this involves demand a clear focus of the entire company, which VERBUND drives forwards with Mission V. Mission V is a long-term, comprehensive transformation programme and represents the company’s will to counteract the climate crisis in its capacity as the power behind the transition. This programme is based on the VERBUND strategy 2030 with its three directions: strengthening the integrated core market, expanding renewables in Europe and becoming established as a European hydrogen player. With Mission V, VERBUND is pushing ahead with achieving the strategic goals for 2030 and ensuring their implementation. Further information:

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