VERBUND X Ventures participates in the startup eologix-ping, a leading provider of sensor solutions for wind power plants


VERBUND X Ventures, the Corporate Venture Capital Unit of the Austrian energy supplier VERBUND, announces its intention to invest 1.5 million euros in eologix-ping. This corresponds to a participation of around 5% in the start-up. Emerald assumes the leading role of lead investor, supported by further investors including Nabtesco, Phoenix Contact and the new investor Helen Ventures.

“The investment in eologix-ping supports VERBUND’s strategy in the area of increasing electricity generation from wind and solar, in which we have set the ambitious target of increasing the share of generation to 20-25% by 2030. The innovative technology from eologix-ping not only makes wind turbines more efficient and safer, but also allows them to remain in operation for longer. The positive response and experience of our subsidiary VERBUND Green Power, which is already using solutions from eologix-ping, have strengthened our commitment to this partnership. Realising the full potential of each wind turbine, while also reducing costs, is important in order to achieve our energy and climate targets in a resource-efficient manner,” says Michael Strugl, CEO of VERBUND AG, commenting on the recent investment.

eologix-ping was formed from the successful merger of the start-ups eologix and Ping in 2023. The company offers an extensive portfolio of sensor solutions and analytical software for wind turbine operators. Through the certified detection of icing, damage to rotor blades and lightning strikes, eologix-ping supports operators in ensuring the safe and yield-optimised operation of their turbines.

“With eologix-ping, we are expanding our startup portfolio with an innovative company that offers a holistic solution for the monitoring and diagnosis of wind power plants. The future realignment of the business model combined with a favourable entry-level product with rapid scalability optimally positions the company for future growth,” explains Franz Zöchbauer, Managing Director of VERBUND X Ventures.

The participation of VERBUND X Ventures as well as Emerald as lead investor in this capital round underscores the importance of this partnership, as Christoph Frei, Partner at Emerald, emphasises: “More energy production, fewer interruptions and extended service lives for renewable energy are important innovation goals for a cost- and environmentally friendly energy transformation, which are also at the heart of Emerald’s energy fund strategy. A collaboration with VERBUND is the key to a dynamic growth market for the energy transformation for both companies.”

The investment will support eologix-ping in taking new steps towards growth and further developing existing products.

Thomas Schlegl, co-founder and CEO of eologix-ping, explains: “Our solutions aim at our becoming the leading provider of rotor blade condition monitoring systems and thus maximising the availability and performance of wind turbines. By detecting rotor blade damage, icing and other potential hazards such as lightning strikes at an early stage, we ensure that wind turbines can be operated safely and economically. Our aim is to support operators and owners of wind turbines in minimising yield losses and making the operation of wind turbines as efficient as possible.”

eologix-ping is a leading supplier of sensor systems for the continuous monitoring of wind turbine rotor blades. The company was formed from the merger of the start-ups eologix and Ping. It offers a wide range of sensors and analytical software to maximise performance while keeping maintenance costs low.

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