Joint-venture power plant Inn

VERBUND is planning a cross-border hydropower plant in the upper Inn valley in cooperation with Engadiner Kraftwerke AG and TIWAG, to provide clean electricity to approximately 90,000 private households.

Near Ovella on the Swiss-Austrian border, a ca. 15 metre high water catchment dam is being constructed. The water will be conducted through a 23 km long hidden tunnel through the mountain to the powerhouse in Prutz. There, 2 Francis turbines and 1 generator each will convert the hydropower into electricity. 

During construction, around € 410 million will flow into the Austrian economy, and between 700 and 1,600 skilled workers will be directly employed. Ongoing operations of the power plant will mean stable jobs for 130 persons in Austria, and the facility itself means a value creation of € 10 million per year for Austria alone.

The project is accompanied by extensive renaturation measures. A barrier-free fish by-pass, for example, provides a means for fish to move past the power plant unhindered. At the same time, hydropeaking will be reduced to steady water levels. Construction will be further accompanied by new protective measures against avalanches and effective flood protection.


Current project information

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