The VERBUND Electricity School makes technology fun

With completely up-to-date learning materials, a state-of-the-art game and a range of offerings relating to renewable energy sources, we make exciting, interactive physics lessons possible for the next generation.

Crank with magnet and coil for generating electricity

Modern teaching materials: Physics should be experienced

For school pupils, more exciting than physics textbooks are experiments and applications which they can try out for themselves. With our teaching materials for the 8th school year onwards, knowledge about energy and electricity can be passed on in an optimal way – from magnetism to electrical charges, to voltage and amperage, and on to electricity generation.

Climate school teaching materials
Photomontage of the VERBUND climate school: children with a monitor

The first online climate school in the German-speaking countries (climate school) uses the mechanisms that computer games use in order to convey knowledge about the climate and climate protection without a moralising undertone – similar to climate school lessons by rangers visiting schools. The primary objective: To enable children and young people to see their day-to-day decisions in the light of their relevance for the climate and for climate protection. can be used individually, with friends or in class.

To the climate school
Pupils and a tour guide with a Danube power plant model

Share a visit to a power plant: Experiencing electricity up close

The best way for pupils to learn that electricity doesn't just come out of a socket is to take a close-up look – by visiting an actual power plant. In several of our more than 100 power plants in Austria and Bavaria, special tours for school groups are possible.

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