The VERBUND Electricity School makes technology fun

Exciting, interactive physics lessons for the next generation: With up-to-date teaching materials, Serious Games and a range of offerings relating to renewable energy sources

VERBUND Electricity School fosters knowledge about energy

As Austria's largest electricity company, we also see it as our job to pass on knowledge on the topics of renewable energy and electricity generation.

The VERBUND Electricity School offers support for teachers with teaching materials about electricity generation. Excursions to VERBUND power plants almost all over Austria round off the programme and allow these "places of power" to be experienced right up close. Last but not least, the VERBUND Climate School in the Upper Tauern National Park increases children's awareness of climate protection.

"Lizzy", the electricity expert from the VERBUND Electricity School, accompanies the pupils through the world of electricity generation and helps with experiments and work assignments. Thanks to innovative technology, she can help herself through surprising means and doesn't give up until she has understood even the trickiest connections. Because curiosity and an open mind for new ideas are some of the most important characteristics of young scientists.

The VERBUND Electricity School is an example of our active responsibility as a company.

Lizzy explains where electricity comes from

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VERBUND Electricity School teaching materials: Physics should be experienced

More exciting than physics books for school pupils are experiments and applications that they can try out themselves. With teaching materials from the VERBUND Electricity School for the 8th school year onwards, knowledge about energy and electricity can be passed on in an optimal way - from magnetism to electrical charges, voltage and amperage, and on to electricity generation.

Experiments, worksheets and much more.

To the teaching materials

Gemeinsamer Kraftwerksbesuch: Strom hautnah erleben

Dass Strom nicht einfach so aus der Steckdose kommt, lernen Schülerinnen und Schüler am einfachsten hautnah - beim Besuch eines echten Kraftwerks. In mehreren unserer mehr als 100 Kraftwerke in Österreich und Bayern sind im Rahmen der VERBUND-Stromschule spezielle Führungen für Schulgruppen möglich.

Tours for school groups

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