Day 1, Wednesday, 27th September 2017

1st Stage: The focus of the day is a trip around the energy world - what is happening globally from a technological perspective, a market perspective, a societal perspective etc.?

Top-class speakers from industry, society and politics will give you insight into the new world of energy. Which energy trends will shape our future? Which impacts will today's energy trends have on Europe? How should we react to that?

 Moderation: Birgit Fenderl and Gernot Frischenschlager, ORF

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11:30 - Welcome Lunch

1:30 - Keynote: Compass for the energy system: Which energy policies do Austria and Europe want?

Federal Minister Dr. Harald Mahrer, Federal Ministry of Science, Research and the Economy, Austria

1:50 - Keynote: The world on the way to decarbonisation – trends, innovations and system solutions

What are the global energy trends, which developments are looming in the next decades? Growing energy demand, energy efficiency, technological advancements, dependencies in energy procurement, liberalisation and climate protection are just some of the factors which have occupied the sector for decades already. Which obstacles need to be overcome in the coming years? Which new solution approaches have come into view?

Prof. Dr. Ing. Armin Schnettler, Head of Research in Energy and Electronics, Siemens AG


2:30 - Podium discussion and questions from the audience

2:45 - Coffee break

3:15 - Keynote: A trip around the energy world

While climate protection and renewable energy sources are the focus in Europe, China is facing the problem of a rapid and unstoppable increase in energy demands. And the creation of modern infrastructure is presenting a huge challenge for sub-Saharan Africa. Which are the 3 most dynamic energy trends on the various continents?

Dr. Christoph Frei, Secretary General, World Energy Council, London/Great Britain


3:45 - Power talk: Which significance do global energy trends have for Austria and for Europe?

Are the global energy trends being sufficiently taken into consideration by Austria and Europe? In this panel discussion, industry, politics, the energy sector and science take a stand. Which impacts of global energy trends are heading toward us, and are we prepared to meet them? Is decarbonisation a chance or a danger for Europe's ability to compete?

Gerhard Christiner, Technical Director, Austrian Power Grid AG
Dipl. Ing. Dr. Sabine Herlitschka, MBA, Chairman of the Board & CTO, Infineon Technologie Austria AG
Dr. Wolfgang Hribernik, Head of Business Unit Electric Energy Systems, AIT
Dipl. Ing. Wolfgang Semper, Management of HYDRO and Automation, Andritz AG
Karin Kadenbach, MEP, Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, European Parliament

4:30 - Podium discussion and questions from the audience

4:45 - Show Keynote: Innovation - Disruption

Ramon Vullings

Ramon Vullings is an expert on cross-industry innovation and inspires with his motto: "The key is to take a look outside your industry and learn from other sectors". He will show cross-industry examples from global leading companies and demonstrate impressively that the solution cannot be "copy and paste", but can only be successful by means of "copy - adapt - paste".


5:30 - End of the first conference day

7:00 - Gala dinner at Schloss Fuschl