VERBUND is committed to treating nature in a responsible, sustainable manner and relies on renewable, environment- and climate-friendly energy sources: wind and water.  

VERBUND is one of the most climate-friendly energy providers in Europe.

It is our goal to construct and operate our power plants in an environmentally friendly way. Of course we comply with all laws and norms, and take economic aspects into account. In addition, we rely on the highest technological standards in the environmental area. We supply 100% hydro power to our household customers. 

With electricity from the power of water and wind, VERBUND is purposefully reducing its emissions. Already more than 90 % of our entire electricity production is generated by our wind- and hydropower plants. In this way we are doing our part to reach the European and Austrian goals to protect the environment and the climate. You can find more on this topic under climate protection.

Environmental policy and certifications

VERBUND is conscious of its responsibility towards the environment. For this reason we have defined our VERBUND guidelines under environmental mission statement.

Specially trained employees function as environmental agents at all power plants and in all parts of the company. They actively support all employees in implementing the environmental protection guidelines. To this purpose, already 20 years ago they began to establish environmental management systems in the Austrian power plants. These systems undergo continuous further development at VERBUND locations.

Our power plants and grid facilities are evaluated and certified annually by external experts. Environmental statements and certificates may be found on the page environmental certificates.

Environmental performance

We aim to present VERBUND's environmental achievements and our numerous facilities in a comprehensive and comparable manner. Our environmental KPIs can be viewed under the item environmental performance




Contact for environmental issues Regina Scholtze

VERBUND Environmental Coordinator

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