VERBUND is committed to a responsible, sustainable interaction with nature.

VERBUND is one of the most climate-friendly energy producers in Europe with around 98% of energy produced coming from the renewable sources water, wind and sun. In this way, we contribute to reach the European and Austrian goals in the areas of climate change and energy. You can find more on this topic under climate protection.

In order to safeguard or enhance the diversity of animals and plants, VERBUND invests in environmental protection as well as ecological measures. Further information and a selection of projects and measures can be found under biodiversity.

On the website research in the field of hydropower VERBUND informs about the latest research projects on environmental topics.

Environmental policy and certifications

VERBUND is conscious of its responsibility towards the environment. For this reason we have defined our VERBUND guidelines in our environmental mission statement.

In 1995 they began to establish environmental management systems in the Austrian power plants. Our power plants and grid facilities are evaluated and certified annually by external auditors. The corporate objective is to continue ISO 14001 certification of existing sites and incorporate new sites. The EMAS Environmental statements of thermal power plants and certificates may be found on the page environmental management.