VERBUND does its part for environmental protection and takes measures to keep and enhance biodiversity 

Protecting habitats and safeguarding biodiversity

VERBUND invests in environmental protection as well as ecological measures in order to safeguard or enhance the diversity of animals and plants. Expenditure of around 280 million euros is anticipated until 2027 for land restoration measures and the creation of river continuity projects. Of this, around 140 million euros had already been invested by 2018. 

Not only fish, but all organisms in and around water, profit from the fish bypasses – or fish migration aids (German abbreviation FAH) - and  bypass streams. Biotopes and measures for protection of birds have improved many habitats along line routes.

LIFE+ Projects

Details on the project to actively interlink the wetlands at Traisen can be found under LIFE+ Project Traisen. Watch our informative Video about the new wetlands at Traisen on Youtube.

Further information on the planned network along the Danube can be found on the webpages of LIFE+ Network Danube.

The LIFE Network Danube Plus project connects to the successful Danube projects and together with the Altenwörth fish bypass removes the final barrier for fish between Romania and Lower Austria.

Projects and measures

VERBUND provides a selection of the projects and measures for the protection of biodiversity here in an overview.

Name of project/measure; link to information* Type Area Habitat Fauna/Flora GRI-Disclosure Species**
additional information 2
Fish pass hydro power plant Paternion 2 Fish pass Drava   304-3
Hydro power plant Paternion
Fish pass Kraftwerk Edling - Völkermarkter Stausee 2

Fish pass
Water adaptation

Drava    304-3

Press release "Carinthia's highest fish ladder"5/2019 2

Hydro power plant Edling

Fish pass hydro power plant Annabrücke 2 Fish pass Drava      304-3   Hydro power plant Annabrücke
Fish pass hydro power plant St. Veit 2
Fish pass Salzach     304-3   Hydro power plant St. Veit
Fish pass hydro power plant  Ottensheim-Wilhering 2

Fish pass

Danube     304-3  

Press release "Natura 2000 Award" 6/2018 2

Hydro power plant Ottensheim-Wilhering

LIFE+ Network Danube measures

Fish pass Pesenbach Stauraum Ottensheim-Wilhering 2 

Fish pass Danube     304-3
Fish pass Große Rodl Stauraum Ottensheim-Wilhering 2  Fish pass Danube     304-3
Structuring Stauraum Abwinden-Asten 2 Morphologic improvement Danube      304-3

Press release "Groundbreaking" 4/2019  2

LIFE+ Network Danube measures

Fish pass Abwinden-Asten 2 Fish pass Danube      304-3   
Fish pass hydro power plant Altenwörth 2 Fish pass Danube      304-3

Hydro power plant Altenwörth

News Traisen2

Fish pass hydro power plant  Greifenstein 2 Fish pass Danube

Press release Greifenstein 4/20182

LIFE+ Network Danube measures

Video Fish pass Greifenstein 

Fish pass hydro power plant  Nußdorf 2 Fish pass

Blog article 8/2017 Nußdorf2

Fish pass hydro power plant Lebring Fish pass Mur     304-3   Hydro power plant Lebring 
Fish pass hydro power plant  Stammham  Fish pass
Inn     304-3
  Hydro power plant Stammham 
Fish pass hydro power plant  Perach 
Fish pass
  Hydro power plant Perach 
Structuring Stauraum Melk 2
Morphologic improvement
    304-3    LIFE+ Network Danube measures
Structuring Stauraum hydro power plant Ering-Frauenstein  Morphologic improvement Inn
    304-3    Hydro power plant Ering
Fish pass hydro power plant Ering-Frauenstein  Fish pass Inn
Habitat-improving measures for protection of fish populations
Inn     304-3
  Article in "Auenmagazin"1,2
Fish stock monitoring with video  other ecological measure Drava      304-3
  Video:  Fishmonitoring 
Sustainable Rivermanagement  Research       304-3  
Huchen - Danube salmon - Homing
other ecological measure Danube      304-3 Huchen (EN) Video: Huchen catching at the Traisen
Ornithologic monitoring Windpark Petronell-Carnuntum Offset habitat Wind     EU13 Little owl (EN)
Imperial eagle (CR) 
Monitoring offset habitats Windpark Hollern II
Offset habitat Wind     EU13 Grey partridge (VU)
European quail (NT)
Stock dove (NT)
Species conservation saker falcon2 Promoting biodiversity Power Grid     304-3 Saker falcon (CR)
Species conservation Eurasian hoopoe2 Promoting biodiversity Power Grid     304-3
Eurasian hoopoe (CR)  

* Link to information contains descriptions of VERBUND projects extracted from "The National Water Management Plan 2009: Implemented Measures of Austrian Hydropower"; Publisher: Österreichs E-Wirtschaft

** Project for protection of certain species in brackets: specification of endangerment according to red data book 
CR ... Critically endangered, EN ... Endangered, VU ... Vulnerable , NT ...  Near Threatened

1 Extract from "Auenmagazin 11/2017 - Magazin des Auenzentrums Neuburg a. d. Donau in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Bayerischen Landesamt für Umwelt" 
Website: (German only)

2 German only

If projects are subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), the information is available on the public websites of the environmental authorities: 
In Austria in the EIA database of the Austrian Federal Environment Agency, e.g. the EIA decision (German only) for the LIFE+ Traisen project.
In Germany in the nationwide EIA database (German only) or the database of the German federal states (German only). 

For further questions or if you would like to get information on project from previous years please send an email to