VERBUND does its part for environmental protection and takes measures to keep and enhance biodiversity 

Conservation and diversity

A vast biodiversity of animals and plants ist especially important for a thriving environment. To safeguard and improve biodiversity VERBUND invests in environmental protection and in ecological measures.

Restoring the continuity of major rivers is one of the key objectives of the European Water Framework Directive. We fulfil this, wherever possible, through new, near-natural accompanying waterbodies. Not only fish, but also all organisms in and around the habitat of water benefit from fish bypasses and from the many bypass arms. These species can overcome barrages and continue their migration through fish bypasses. We are developing additional habitats along our watercourses and creating places of retreat for rare plant and animal species like amphibians, insects and birds. Restructuring measures and morphological alterations include for example the establishment of shallow water zones and additional side channels. Thus, we pay attention to linking new measures with existing projects, in order to generate synergies.

Experts regularly carry out ornithological monitoring at our wind parks in order to investigate the effects on the habitat and the breeding behaviour of various bird species. We implement measures and create biotopes for animal protection along transmission lines. Successful species protection projects include the promotion of bird species such as the great bustard, saker falcon, hoopoe or Ural owl. Biotope protection projects focus on transmission routes in forests which are popular retreats, breeding sites or feeding grounds for animals such as birds, insects or mammals. These areas can also be valuable habitats for rare and endangered plant species.  In intensively used agricultural areas, the areas under the poles are specially designed, so that they can serve as a refuge for many plants and animals

Fish passes

Various solutions are possible for the unobstructed transit of power plants.

Fish passes at VERBUND
EU LIFE flag blowing in the wind, with river landscape in the background

Environmental partner projects at VERBUND

Our partners in government and society support us on numerous environmental projects. We are especially proud of the support received from the European Union in the form of funds from the EU LIFE+ fund and from the ministries, provincial governments and fisheries associations. Combining resources allows large-scale measures of cross-border benefit for the environment.

Projects and measures

The following overview presents a selection of projects and measures at VERBUND for promoting biodiversity:

Area Measure and link to information Type Objectives Species protection**
 Danube Altenwörth fish pass and environmental measures (German only)  Construction of a fish pass, creation of spawning possibilities as well as ecological upgrading of the side arm and fish-passable connection of the Mühlkamp river  Creating consistency, morphological improvement, networking of the Krems/Kamp/Mühlkamp/Danube and creating habitat  
 Danube Danube side arm wetland (German only)  Nutrient filter and biotope  Water quality improvement  
 Danube/Kamp Altenwörth side arm threshold (German only)  Adaptation of the side arm traverse  Creating consistency  
 Danube Greifenstein reservoir (German only)  Construction of fish passes (slot pass)  Creating consistency  
 Blue Belt Danube/Inn Aschach fish pass (German only)  Construction of a fish pass  Creating consistency  

Annabrücke (German only)


   Fish stock survey with video monitoring  other ecological measure    
   Danube salmon homing  other ecological measure    Danube salmon (EN)
   Ornithological support monitoring at Petronell-Carnuntum wind farm  Offset habitat    Little owl (EN)
Imperial eagle (CR)

   Monitoring of compensation areas at Hollern Wind Farm II  Offset habitat    Grey partridge (VU)
Common quail (NT)
Stock dove (NT)

   Species protection saker falcon (German only)  Biodiversity-promoting measure    Saker falcon (CR)
   Species protection Eurasian hoopoe (German only)  Biodiversity-promoting measure    Hoopoe (CR)

* Link to information relevant for reporting pursuant to GRI 304-1 and GRI EU13.

** In brackets for projects for the protection of specific species: information on species endangerment according to the red list 
CR ... critically endangered, EN ... endangered, VU ... vulnerable, NT ... near threatened


If projects are subject to an environmental impact assessment, the information is available on the websites of the environmental agencies: 

In Austria, in the UVP documentation of the Austrian Environment Agency, e.g. the UVP decision (German only) for the LIFE-Traisen project.
In Germany, in the federal UVP database (German only) or the database of the German federal states (German only).

If you have any further questions or would like information on projects from previous years, please send an email to