Electricity from hydropower

Water is one of the world's most precious resources and is "vital" in the true sense of the word. VERBUND is aware of the value of this renewable energy source and treats water as a resource with great care.

Climate-friendly electricity from Austria and Germany – produced from hydropower

VERBUND is one of the largest hydropower electricity producers in Europe. Our hydropower plants have been using the power of water for electricity generation for decades. Producing electricity from hydropower is free of direct emissions and does not alter the water used; its volume and quality remain the same. In operation, the plants do not create waste heat or air pollutants. Our hydropower plants thus contribute to the avoidance of CO2 emissions.

Our pumped storage plants – storing electricity with the help of hydropower

Renewable energy sources such as water, sun and wind are being used to an ever greater extent. This creates particular challenges for the European energy system. Depending on the amount of sunshine and wind, their share of the total electricity production fluctuates greatly. VERBUND pumped storage power plants support the system in order to use electricity generated from renewable energy optimally. The pumped storage systems act either as electricity storage or as electricity generators, depending on what is needed. Their output can be retrieved flexibly depending on the network load. Expanding the network of pumped storage power plants is especially important, because with their buffer function, they can store electricity for later use.

VERBUND is an EcoVadis GOLD Status supplier

VERBUND has been awarded a GOLD status sustainability rating in the supplier evaluation programme EcoVadis. Please use the following hyperlink to download detailed information: VERBUND-ecovadis-profile. (German only)

Energy production from renewable sources certified by TÜV

The electricity generated by VERBUND hydropower plants is certified. The audits by TÜV SÜD carried out since 1999 that monitor VERBUND hydropower plants in Austria and Germany and their electricity production volumes safeguard this quality. VERBUND power plants are certified by TÜV SÜD as per the renewable energy criteria catalogues EE, EE+ or EE02. Here, the production process (EE) or the entire process chain (EE+, EE02) is monitored according to strict criteria.

Business customers in Germany can also choose electricity from their favourite plant by ordering our premium product "H2Ö mit TÜV-SÜD-Zertifizierung" - click on Guarantees of Origin and CO2-Certificates (German only) to get more information.

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Our EcoVadis GOLD-Status

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VERBUND has achieved the GOLD-Status from EcoVadis as a supplier.