VERBUND’s range of products for your business

Electricity from 100% Austrian hydropower, affordable gas and photovoltaic systems, VERBUND’s energy services, project and environmental management and much more – VERBUND is your source for energy solutions tailored to your business. Take advantage of our decades of expertise as Austria’s number one company when it comes to energy. Let’s work together for a clean and efficient energy future!

...of VERBUND’s electricity is generated from renewable sources.

100% hydropower is generated by certified power plants.

interest in VERBUND is held by the Republic of Austria.

An SME customer looks contentedly out of an office window.

VERBUND electricity and gas for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME)

If your company consumes between 100,000 kWh and 5 GWh of electricity per year or from 400,000 kWh to 15 GWh gas per year, we have energy solutions tailored to you.
Managing director of an industrial company that utilises photovoltaic systems.

Custom electricity products and services for the industrial sector

We offer tailored, flexible solutions in the evolving energy market to industrial customers with annual electricity consumption in excess of 5 GWh: ranging from full supply through structured procurement in tranches to portfolio management. We also offer decentralised systems such as photovoltaic systems, battery storage, flexibility solutions and solutions with green hydrogen.
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Energy solutions for municipalities

Is your goal to improve energy efficiency and save costs in the long term? With the VERBUND product portfolio, we can work together towards a better energy future.
A VERBUND employee gives advice on VERBUND's energy services. Price analyzes are shown on screens in the background.

Products for utilities

VERBUND offers tailored solutions for electric utilities and wholesalers. Take advantage of our decades of expertise.
The mayor of Ausservillgraten standing in front of the stream that powers the community's small hydroelectric power plant.

Products for plant operators

Do you have a small-scale hydropower or wind power plant? We are your strong partner for marketing your generation from renewable energy.
Business professionals working with the commercial customer platform VISION by VERBUND.

VERBUND online services

Our online platform VISION provides many practical tools for managing plants and organising energy data for commercial customers with annual electricity consumption in excess of 5 GWh, electric utilities and renewable energy plant operators.