With energy products from VERBUND you have your electricity business under control.

Customised products for energy supply companies and energy wholesalers.

VERBUND is Austria's prime address for electricity and an established player in the international electricity market. The trading floor of VERBUND Trading GmbH is the hub of VERBUND's energy trade. From our headquarters in Vienna, we trade on all important European energy exchanges as well as OTC markets. Thanks to this market proximity, we can recognise market signals early on and respond proactively to market trends in order to secure the best terms for our customers.

VERBUND Vision customer platform

VISION becomes reality

The new VISION customer platform - venture a step into the future and always be a step ahead with VISION


VISION is the central communications and service portal for VERBUND’s large customers such as public utility companies, industrial facilities and remote wind and PV generators. The platform connects internal processes with the interactions with the customers, thereby creating highly efficient, automated work procedures. 

In terms of “One face to the customer”, VISION provides customers with the bundled sales and trading offer of VERBUND, including all processes and full processing, in an easy-to-use tool. Services such as Demand Response or Virtual Power Plants are fully integrated and can be controlled directly without media discontinuity. In turn, customers receive real-time information about the current price situation on the market and can query the status of orders via freely definable dashboards as well as monitor system activities, to-do lists and communication with VERBUND. The pricing of load profiles and generation profiles, extensive functions in the area of portfolio management, the electronic processing of invoices, confirmations and results from regulatory reporting are also part of VISION. Communication is via a central medium, for mobile users also via smart devices such as a tablet or smartphone.

VERBUND dispatching centre

Our electricity products - flexible solutions and customised concepts

With electricity products from VERBUND, we will organise your electricity procurement for you. Determine your procurement strategy and gain confidence with clear limits. You define the framework, and VERBUND acts, monitors and informs. You can combine your risk appetite and market expectation with our experience.

Energy trading

Create synergies with product combinations...

Standard products

  • Fixed price over the entire contract period
  • Flexible procurement options (various qualities and time periods)
  • Create synergies through product combinations

Structured products

  • Combine your risk appetite and market expectation with our experience
  • Customised products and services

Comprehensive service

  • Fixed price for your company's entire energy requirement
  • Simple price structure over the entire contract period
  • Optimal predictability
Electricity trading at VERBUND

... and choose from a range of price models:

Structured procurement management
Reinsurance with standard products for client-specific portfolios.

Tranche pricing model
Pricing of standard products for a defined period of time on the basis of the average EEX price.

Price swap model
Procurement of swap products for price hedging (e.g. gas-oil swap)

Classic limit order
Order a standard product at a limit price

Dynamic limit order
A trigger price dynamically follows market indicators. If the market price and the concurrent trigger price concur, an order of the stipulated standard products takes place automatically on the basis of the corresponding limit order.

Financial hedging order
Order liquid hedging products for future price hedging

Range of options for price hedging

VERBUND's Kaprun storage power plant

Proof of origin & CO2 certificates for a neutral emissions balance

Electricity alone is not enough to maintain competitiveness. We support your company's active CO2 management with CO2 certificates.

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With more than 120 run-of-river and storage power plants, VERBUND focuses on a sustainable energy supply. Naturally, you expect a reliable supply from your energy partner. This also includes hedging with CO2 certificates. We support you in synchronising your electricity and CO2 procurement and reducing your market risks. Choose between the following products:

  • EU Emissions Allowances (EUAs)
  • Emissions Reductions (CERs)
  • Emissions Reduction (VERs)

Benefit from a conservative risk policy without speculative price recommendations, excellent product flexibility with spot and forward transactions or the most modern form of hedging management.

We’d be pleased to assist you with your carbon footprint, too.

Energy-related services

VERBUND supports you with many energy-related services for intelligent, needs-based energy and cost savings

VERBUND is your flexible partner in a dynamic market environment – discover our range of energy services:

Our comprehensive range of appropriate products and services is continuously being adapted to changing market requirements. Our range of services extends from deployment optimisation and market access to flexible marketing and hedging offers, as well as forecasting services and regulatory services.

Our energy services in detail:

VERBUND energy trading employee

Your transparent access to the energy market

You have unplanned customer usage levels, fluctuating needs or output levels? You would like to optimise your balancing group for the short term and conform retroactively to market regulations?

VERBUND offers you certified access to the short-term trade markets:

  • Market access international
  • Market access for the procurement and the sales side
  • Market access to the futures market, spot market, intraday and OTC markets

You can choose from among the products Day Ahead/Week Ahead or Intraday Trading.

Intraday Trading allows you a quick and market regulations compliant reaction to short-term changes in the energy environment. You are therefore at all times in a position to ensure the availability and forecast quality prescribed in the market regulations for grid operators. In this way you can optimise your costs for balancing energy.

Market access
Storage power plant Kaprun

Your reliable partner for virtual storage

Having a stake in our alpine storage power plants lets you close the flexibility gap in your portfolio. Combine sustainable technology with maximum market flexibility.

We offer you virtual energy stores as a part of VERBUND’s hydropower plant network. Use the flexible, sustainable energy of the Alps to balance out your fluctuations in demand. 

How does a virtual store work?

Virtual pumped store:

Customised storage flexibility - You take out a contract with us for a virtual store with defined pump and turbine power as well as defined pump efficiency. The product range covers various storage volumes, from daily to annual stores. 

Inflow storage:

Storage flexibility with natural inflow of alpine characteristics (without pump). You take out a contract with us for a portion of the VERBUN storage power plants with defined turbine power. The inflow is based on the standard inflows of these stores.

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VERBUND Freudenau power plant

Your experienced partner for power plant management

With asset optimising from VERBUND you have optimal production and marketing in one, without putting a strain on your time or your nerves.


We take on all the optimising and planning tasks and work with you to implement market-sensitive hedging strategies.


In doing so, you profit from VERBUND's wealth of experience and can be certain of having your portfolio completely under control.

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Wind farm Bruck an der Leitha

Your partner for a transparent energy balance

With our balancing group management, we take on your entire schedule management and ensure that the balance between fed-in and consumed energy is right.

We will be happy to take over the handling within your own balancing group, or we offer the alternative option of becoming a member of the VERBUND balancing group.

With our balancing group management we are in a position to minimise your balancing energy. To do this we utilise our intraday trading 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, as well as an optimised process chain from ongoing predictions (e.g. for your wind farm) to smooth schedule messaging.

With transparent reporting, you always maintain a complete overview.

Balancing group management
Contact Intraday Trading

Your partner with risk experts on an equal footing

Do your business within a clearly defined framework.

VERBUND supports you in drawing up a set of rules for your market, credit and operational risk as well as in defining and calculating suitable key risk indicators

Our experts from the fields of risk management and risk controlling work with you to set up a tailor-made limit system. They help you implement suitable limit monitoring processes.
With VERBUND as a reliable partner, you will also experience best practice in the area of operational risks (business process documentation, crisis management). You are well prepared to make the most of the opportunities available in your business environment.

With the Credit Risk Software, we offer you a tool for the ETRM system ENDUR, which lets you calculate credit risk ratios for your trading partners in accordance with EFET. This enables you to efficiently monitor risk and strategically manage your business risks.

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Contracting savings

Your partner for the joint fulfilment of compliance requirements

Don’t let the new regulatory regulations spoil your desire to trade electricity. 

VERBUND takes over the daily operational processing of your reporting obligations for you, leaving you more time for your core business. With VERBUND as a reliable partner, you are always both EMIR and REMIT compliant.

At the same time, we are happy to advise you on the requirements for implementing the various EU regulations. The different aspects in the areas of law, risk management, back office and IT are dealt with and cross-connections to controlling taken into consideration.

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Gas products

With our optimisation, you can manage your gas storage with success.

We will take on the optimisation of your gas storage for you, whether for supplying end users or for commerce.

Our optimisation model addresses your wishes and specifications in detail. This maximises the value of your storage facility. In addition to optimisation, we are also happy to implement the chosen strategy – in particular gas trading and balance group management, in your own balance group or as a member of a VERBUND balance group.

Natural gas storage facilities can be used in many ways and are a valuable component of every portfolio in the gas industry – regardless of whether you supply end customers, make flexible use gas-fired power plants or want to implement seasonal or short-term price fluctuations. 

With the tailor-made optimisation model, your storage facility, whether physical or virtual (storage share), is tailored to your portfolio of needs. This maximises the value of your storage facility.

We use state-of-the-art valuation methods, such as intrinsic, rolling intrinsic or an option method. Depending on the structure, we will send you the current value of your storage facility at regular intervals as well as trading strategies tailored to your portfolio. We are also happy to take over management of your storage facility.