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VERBUND is Austria’s leading address for green electricity. The threads of energy trading and large customers come together at VERBUND Energy4Business GmbH. This closeness to market allows us to identify market signals early on and proactively address market trends, in order to achieve the best conditions for our partners.

Green certificates, regionalism and labelling – all from a single source

With our green electricity products, we organise your electricity procurement. You determine your procurement strategy and define the framework. Combine your appetite risk and market expectations with our experience.

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VERBUND electricity – regional and renewable

Over 20 years ago, we began introducing environmental management systems in our power plants. These have been continually rolled out at new VERBUND plants and are annually audited and certified by external experts (TÜV-SÜD-Zertifizierung: TÜV EE, TÜV EE+, TÜV EE neu). Over 30 terawatt hours of electricity are generated by the VERBUND power plants each year from renewable sources of energy. Most of the electricity we generate is obtained from climate-friendly, renewable hydropower. All VERBUND power plants meet the highest requirements of quality and ecology.

Maintaining the existing, securing progress

Maintaining and optimising existing plants is an important factor for success when it comes to achieving energy and climate targets. That’s why VERBUND believes the continuous maintenance and improvement of existing plants is so important for increasing efficiency and greening. To safeguard or improve the diversity of animals and plants, VERBUND invests continuously in environmental protection and in ecological measures, such as the construction of fish passes, in order to ensure that fish can swim upstream unhindered in the areas around the power plants.
In the foreground, a wind turbine is producing electricity. In the background, an electricity pylon takes care of distributing the sustainable energy.

Water, wind and sun – investing in the future

Alongside hydropower projects, VERBUND is also increasingly focusing on wind and solar power. In future, one quarter of VERBUND’s total electricity generation will additionally be generated from photovoltaics and further wind turbines. We are therefore purposefully continuing along our path towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions by generating electricity from renewable sources of energy.

Green electricity certificates for your CO₂-free electricity balance sheet

Electricity alone is not enough to ensure competitiveness. We support the active CO2 management of your company with green electricity certificates. With renewable energy from our more than 130 run-of-river and storage power plants, you secure a competitive advantage that you can share with your customers. Use our international expertise for electricity labelling.

CO2 certificates for your CO2-neutral climate balance

Where CO2 emissions are unavoidable, you can at least make them climate neutral by purchasing CO2 certificates. VERBUND invests not only in its own climate-friendly projects, but also guarantees its customers access to the CO2 market. Naturally, that also includes participation in the statutory European emissions trading system (“EU-ETS”). Choose between the following products:

  • EU Emissions Allowances (EUAs)
  • Emissions Reductions (CERs)
  • Emissions Reduction (VERs)

Benefit from a conservative risk policy without speculative price recommendations, excellent product flexibility with spot and forward transactions or the most modern form of hedging management. We’d be pleased to assist you with the sustainable design of your company’s carbon footprint, too.

VERBUND wind farm Bruck an der Leitha
The reservoir and the Schlegeis dam with a usable content of approx. 126.5 million cubic metres.

VERBUND supports you with many energy services involving intelligent energy and cost savings that meet demand

A view into the distance from the VERBUND run-of-river power plant at Freudenau.

VERBUND is your flexible partner in a dynamic market environment

Discover our range of energy services:
Our comprehensive range of appropriate products and services is continuously being adapted to changing market requirements. Our range of services extends from deployment optimisation and market access to flexible marketing and hedging offers, as well as forecasting services and regulatory services.

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