VERBUND is your flexible partner in a dynamic market environment

As an energy supplier, discover our wide range of energy services.

Our comprehensive range of appropriate products and services is continuously being adapted to changing market requirements. Our range of services extends from deployment optimisation and insights into the energy market to flexible marketing and hedging offers, as well as forecasting services and regulatory services.

Our energy services in detail:

Your partner for a transparent insight into the energy market

Do you have unplanned peaks at your customers, or fluctuations in demand and generating capacity? Would you like to optimise your balancing groups at short-notice and also balance them retroactively in compliance with market rules?

VERBUND offers you access to short-term energy products:

  • international
  • procurement and sales side
  • forward, spot, intraday and OTC products
    You can choose between day-ahead, week-ahead or intraday trading.

Intraday trading enables you to respond to short-notice changes in the energy industry quickly and in compliance with market rules. You are therefore in a position to ensure the availabilities and forecast qualities prescribed in the market rules of the network operators at any time. And optimise your balancing energy costs.

Your experienced partner for power plant management

With asset optimisation from VERBUND, you combine optimal generation and the market, without straining time and nerves in the process.
We take over all optimisation and planning activities and implement near-market hedging strategies with you. 

In this way, you benefit from VERBUND’s many years of experience and can rest assured of having a firm grip on your portfolio.

Your partner for a transparent energy balance

With our balancing group management, we take on your entire timetable management and ensure the right balance between supplied and released energy. 
Our approach to balancing group management enables us to minimise your balancing energy. To this end, we use our intraday trading 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as well as an optimised process chain of ongoing forecasting (e.g. for your wind park) through to smooth timetable notification.
What’s more, you always retain an overview through transparent reporting.

Your partner with risk experts on an equal footing

Do your business within a clearly defined framework.

VERBUND supports you in drawing up a set of rules for your market, credit and operational risk as well as in defining and calculating suitable key risk indicators.

Our experts from the fields of risk management and risk controlling work with you to set up a tailor-made limit system. They help you implement suitable limit monitoring processes.

With VERBUND as a reliable partner, you will also experience best practice in the area of operational risks (business process documentation, crisis management). You are well prepared to make the most of the opportunities available in your business environment.

With the Credit Risk Software, we offer you a tool for the ETRM system ENDUR, which lets you calculate credit risk ratios for your trading partners in accordance with EFET. This enables you to efficiently monitor risk and strategically manage your business risks.

Your partner for the joint fulfilment of compliance requirements

Don’t let the new regulatory regulations spoil your desire to take part in power trading.

VERBUND takes over the daily operational processing of your reporting obligations for you, leaving you more time for your core business. With VERBUND as a reliable partner, you are always both EMIR and REMIT compliant.

At the same time, we are happy to advise you on the requirements for implementing the various EU regulations. The different aspects in the areas of law, risk management, back office and IT are dealt with and cross-connections to controlling taken into consideration.

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