Green hydrogen as the key to the energy transition

We are decarbonisation partners: VERBUND is driving the energy transition forwards with green hydrogen and setting course for a green future.

Infografik, Wasserstoff

We think ahead

To achieve the ambitious climate targets and reduce dependency on fossil sources of energy, we are accelerating the generation, transport and use of green hydrogen. Together with partners from various sectors of industry, we are implementing local projects and advancing the establishment of a green hydrogen economy via import routes. In doing so, we address the entire value chain – from hydrogen production to transport and use at customers.

We opt for green hydrogen

As a raw material, source of energy and storage medium, green hydrogen offers an enormous potential for contributing to the decarbonisation of energy and CO2-intensive processes. Nowadays, hydrogen is mostly generated from fossil sources of energy, such as natural gas. The electrolysis of water with electricity from renewable sources gives rise to carbon-free, green hydrogen.

“Green hydrogen is the solution for a sustainable, future-proof energy system. We are working on our own production and on the delivery of green hydrogen to our customers via import corridors.”

Diverse potential for the use of green hydrogen with us as a partner

  • Further processing into chemical raw materials for direct use in industry (e.g. steel, chemicals or fertilisers)
  • Application as a fuel in the transport sector, mainly in the heavy load segment
  • Storage and re-conversion of volatile wind and solar power as well as provision of grid services


Decarbonisation partner for CO2 savings targets


Hydrogen as a fuel, especially in the heavy transport segment


Provision of grid services for the transmission network

Project development

VERBUND as a partner along the value chain

Expansion of hydrogen production

The use of green hydrogen is especially needed in those sectors that have limited opportunities for electrification. We are therefore developing hydrogen projects together with customers in hard-to-abate sectors such as the steel industry, (petro-)chemicals and mobility. Using the know-how of an integrated energy company, our experts rely on in-depth experience from the fields of power plant construction and power trading, and expand the VERBUND portfolio with green hydrogen. Production on the customer’s premises ensures instant, reliable availability of green hydrogen.

Establishing the green hydrogen economy via import routes

Only by developing diversified hydrogen import routes can the rapidly growing demand for green hydrogen be covered under competitive conditions and thus the industrial location secured for the long term. At the same time, fossil dependencies are largely reduced. We are therefore expanding the value chain with international generation as well as with the transport and marketing of green hydrogen. Here, too, international partnerships and networks are critical to success.

Illustration einer Anlage zur Herstellung von Grünem Wasserstoff

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