Green hydrogen as a raw material for industry

Green hydrogen is used to significantly reduce climate-damaging emissions in hard-to-abate industrial sectors or in (heavy) transport.

Illustration einer Anlage zur Herstellung von Grünem Wasserstoff

Reliable partners

VERBUND works with industry partners on projects to ensure a rapid and reliable supply of green hydrogen for customers.
Anlage zur Herstellung von Grünem Wasserstoff

H2FUTURE: Green hydrogen in the steel industry

With a capacity of six megawatts (6 MW), up to 1,200 m3 of green hydrogen are produced every hour. Green hydrogen is used here to help split water into its basic components of hydrogen and oxygen. The research project was implemented with partners such as voestalpine and Siemens Energy and funded by the European Commission. The six megawatt electrolyser will continue to be operated by VERBUND and voestalpine after the end of the research project in 2021.

Rendering Green Ammonia Linz

Green Ammonia Linz Industrial-scale project with LAT Nitrogen Linz

The project of VERBUND and LAT Nitrogen, currently the largest hydrogen user in Austria, aims to replace ~10% of the grey hydrogen currently used with green hydrogen.

This will save up to 90,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. The 60MW electrolyser at the Linz Chemical Park will produce up to 7,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year, which will then be used in the production of fertilisers, melamine and technical nitrogen. There are also plans to use the by-products O2 and waste heat directly on site.

Hotflex Model

HOTFLEX: Pilot plant for high-temperature electrolysis and fuel cell operation in the Mellach gas power plant

In the research plant, electricity is converted into hydrogen through electrolysis. What makes the Mellach pilot plant special is the second operating mode as a fuel cell. This enables the electrolysis system to operated in reverse. VERBUND is using the HOTFLEX project to test an innovative electrolysis plant as a way to gather experience for future projects.
elektrolyse, wasserstoff

PanHy: Green hydrogen from Burgenland

Together with Burgenland Energie, VERBUND has set itself the goal of implementing an electrolysis plant – operated with electricity from wind and photovoltaics – in stages from 60 to 300 megawatts. The green hydrogen produced will be supplied to customers in the eastern region.

Wasserstoff Leitungen

USS2030: Underground Sun Storage 2030

In the research project “USS2030” funded via the Climate and Energy Fund, VERBUND is working with partners under the direction of RAG to store large volumes of solar energy on a seasonal basis in the form of hydrogen – with the use of existing storage infrastructure. The research project will be implemented within the scope of the pioneering region for energy “WIVA Power & Gas”.
Illustration einer Anlage zur Herstellung von Grünem Wasserstoff

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