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More profit through energy and cost savings.

Your transparent access to the energy market

You have unplanned withdrawals by your customers, or fluctuations in needs or generation capacity? You would like to optimise your balancing group in the short term and also balance it retroactively in keeping with market requirements?

VERBUND offers you certified access to the short-term trading markets:

  • Market Access international
  • Market Access procurement and sales
  • Market Access futures, spot, intraday and OTC markets

You choose from the products Day-Ahead/Week-Ahead or Intraday Trading.

Intraday Trading enables you to react to short-term changes in the energy industry quickly and in keeping with market requirements. You are then in a position to ensure the availabilities and forecast qualities stipulated by the network operators' market requirements at any time. This is how you can optimise your costs for balance energy.

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VERBUND-Kraftwerk Freudenau

Your experienced partner for power plant management

With asset optimising from VERBUND you have optimal production and marketing in one, without putting a strain on your time or your nerves.

We take on all the optimising and planning tasks and work with you to implement market-sensitive hedging strategies.

In doing so, you profit from VERBUND's wealth of experience and can be certain of having your portfolio completely under control.

Optimise your asset
Balancing group management

Your partner for a transparent energy balance

With our balancing group management we take on your entire schedule management and ensure that the balance between supplied and delivered energy is correct.

We would be glad to take on the handling of your own balancing group, or we can offer you the option of becoming a member of the VERBUND balancing group. With our balancing group management we are in a position to minimise your balance energy. We do this through intraday trading 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, as well as with an optimised process chain, from the ongoing prognosis (e. g. for your wind farm) to smooth schedule notification.

And with transparent reporting, you always have a complete overview.

Minimise your balance energy

VERBUND-Power-Flex: the smart way to use energy profitably

VERBUND-Power-Flex offers custom-tailored flexibility products that open up access to the energy market. Generation and consumption flexibility is marketed according to requirements and offers additional earnings potential.

  • Your advantages at a glance
  • Attractive additional earnings and participation in the energy markets
  • Integration of new technologies
  • Very low one-off cost and no additional recurring expenditure
  • Full retention of operational control in-house
  • Support with the integration of renewable energies
  • Positive PR work and improved image

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Your partner with risk experts at eye level

Transact your business within a clearly defined framework.

VERBUND supports you in setting policies for your market, credit and operational risk, and for establishing and calculating suitable key risk figures.

Our experts in the areas of risk management and risk controlling work with you to establish a customised limit system. They assist in the implementation of suitable limit-monitoring processes. With VERBUND as your reliable partner, you know the Best Practices in the area of operational risks (business process documentation, crisis management). You are ideally prepared to make optimal use of chances that arise in your business environment.

With the Credit Risk Software we offer you a tool for the ETRM system ENDUR, with which you can calculate credit risk figures for your trading partners in keeping with EFET. In this way we support your efficient risk monitoring and a strategic management of your business risks.

You can find the EFET standard in the members' area of the EFET homepage.

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Stromhandel bei VERBUND.

Your partner for jointly meeting compliance requirements

Don't lose your interest in electricity trading due to the new regulatory specifications.

VERBUND will take on the everyday operational handling of your reporting requirements, so that you will have time for your core business. With VERBUND as your reliable partner, you will always be compliant with EMIR and REMIT regulations

Parallel to this, we will be glad to advise you about the requirements for implementing the various EU regulations. We cover all aspects from the areas of legal requirements, risk management, back office and IT, as well as taking the controlling connection into account.

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