This is what we stand for at VERBUND

VERBUND is Austria’s leading electricity company and of the largest producers of hydropower electricity in Europe.

We represent the highest level of competence and know-how in electrical power. With its subsidiaries and partners, VERBUND is actively involved from electricity generation to its transport and on to international sales and marketing. We are pace-setters for clean energy and a future worth living in for the next generations, and we are continually working on achieving our vision of "giving energy to the future with clean electricity".

We are one of the largest investors and taxpayers in Austria. With 51% of the share capital, the Republic of Austria, and therefore all Austrian citizens, is the principal owner. Investments in power plants and electricity grids play a major role in creating high added value and safeguarding and creating jobs.

Electricity from hydropower

Hydropower plays a major role in Austria's electricity supply. In Austria, nearly 65% of electricity generation is covered by hydropower, and more than half of this comes from VERBUND hydropower plants. Because close to 100% of our electricity generation comes from climate-friendly, renewable hydropower. VERBUND's Danube power plants alone can cover the electricity needs of nearly all private households in Austria. We run our hydropower plants efficiently and protect humans, nature and the climate.

Environmental protection

About 50,000 animal and 3,500 plant species live near our power plants. We do everything we can to ensure that these fauna and flora can keep their habitats within our spheres of action. For this reason we invest in environmental projects and ecological measures to safeguard the biodiversity of plants and animals. Today, nearly a third of the land surrounding VERBUND power plants is under conservation.


Our approximately 3,000 employees make us one of the companies with the greatest economic power in Austria. In addition, we have succeeded in establishing our reputation as a hydropower specialist. To make sure it stays that way, we are continuing to invest in clean electricity and energy-efficient innovations such as e-mobility.