Electricity generation

About 95 percent of our electricity comes from renewable energy sources, predominantly hydropower, supplemented by wind power. With this high share, VERBUND is a guarantor of clean energy – in Austria as well as in Germany.

Foremost in Europe with hydropower

With our hydropower plants in Austria and Bavaria, we have a combined capacity of about 8,200 megawatts (MW). Our electricity is generated in highly efficient storage power plants high up in the Alps – in Salzburg, Tyrol, Carinthia and Styria – as well as on all of the larger rivers – the Danube, Drau, Enns, Inn, Mur and Salzach. Together, all the VERBUND hydropower plants could provide eleven railway companies such as the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) with climate-friendly electricity.


Since 2009 we have also been at home in Bavaria with 13 run-of-river power plants on the Inn. Since April 2013 another 8 run-of-river power plants on the Inn and the Danube have been added, so that we are now the largest hydropower producer in Bavaria as well.

Wind power

VERBUND is focusing on wind power as the main supplement to water power. We are currently operating six wind farms with a total output of 106 MW, in the Lower Austrian districts of Bruck an der Leitha, Goettlesbrunn, Hollern and Petronell-Carnuntum.

In addition, we operate a 226 MW wind farm on the Romanian Black Sea Coast. In Germany in 2012 we acquired five wind farms with an output of 86 MW.