VERBUND mission: What drives us on

VERBUND is the country's leading energy company. As the force for renewable energy, we want to do our bit to mobilise Austrians to get involved in the energy transition.

"Europe will become climate neutral by 2050, Austria will no longer be the source of any CO2 emissions by 2040. From 2030, all electricity consumption in our country should be covered entirely from renewable energy sources on a balance sheet basis. Everyone is asked to meet the expansion targets by 2030: from politics to industry and business and everyone who lives in Austria. All of us can and must contribute to completing the energy transition together."

Michael Strugl, Chairman of the Executive Board of VERBUND

How we view ourselves 

VERBUND is the power for renewable energy in Austria. As the most important domestic energy company, we supply millions of people with vital energy every day. We feel committed to the country and its people and are close to our customers and their needs. As a "first mover", we participate in a leading capacity in the development of marketable solutions for the energy future – from electromobility to green hydrogen.

Our code of conduct for sustainable business

As a leading company for the energy transition, we mainly work on shaping a sustainable energy future. In doing so, we want to adopt a pioneering role by ensuring that sustainability goes hand in hand with behaving responsibly towards society, the environment and the economy. 
The code of conduct for sustainable business describes our social, ecological and economic responsibility, which we also expect of our business partners and suppliers. It is a guide and aid to meeting our statutory, contractual, ethical and voluntary requirements to the highest degree possible. The code of conduct applies to all company activities and supports our management staff and employees in their decisions and actions in everyday business life. 
The code covers five areas: corporate governance with integrity, protecting the climate and environment, working method, economic responsibility, and social engagement. It is up to us to put in maximum effort every day to the best of our ability. Together, we're leading VERBUND to a sustainable future.