Together, we have the power to transform.

Fighting the climate crisis is our most urgent concern. The energy transition needs us all. That is our Mission V.

Specifically, our Mission V means:

We’re investing more than ever in the energy transition. We’re making our hydropower plants even more efficient. We’re generating even more green electricity with modern wind farms and photovoltaic installations. And we’re opting for green hydrogen and new technological solutions. To accelerate the energy transition we want to invest about 5.5 billion Euros in 2024 - 2026.

We believe in a future that will be powered solely by renewable energy. We believe that we can succeed in largely suppressing greenhouse gas emissions to limit global heating. But we know we can only achieve the energy transition together. By our own power.

"The transformation to renewable energies is like open-heart surgery. We must achieve the conversion without jeopardising the security of supply and the stability of the systems, and cannot hang out a sign saying "Closed for renovations". It's a huge challenge."

Michael Strugl, Chairman of the Executive Board, VERBUND AG

The three strategic directions of our Mission V

Strengthening our position as an integrated supplier and leading hydropower generator and partner for decarbonisation in Austria and Germany by:

  • Expanding our position as a leading and efficient hydropower generator
  • Expanding the stable electricity and gas infrastructure
  • Contribution to the security of supply by providing balancing and control energy
  • Supplying end customers with green electricity
  • Developing customer-orientated solutions in the area of electromobility, battery storage and photovoltaics

Through the significant, European expansion of wind and PV facilities, we are strengthening supply independence (of fossil imports) and contributing to a climate-neutral Europe over the medium term. In this way, we are additionally pursuing a regional and technological diversification of risk. This involves us focusing on the following areas:

  • Own development in Austria, Germany and in selected countries of Southeastern Europe
  • Short-term growth through structured M&A and partnerships in Spain and Italy

Green hydrogen is the key to the energy transition and decarbonisation and a future field that VERBUND relies on:

  • Expanding and deepening customer relationships with leading industrial companies in the local production of hydrogen
  • Medium-term expansion of the value chain for international hydrogen generation, sale and import of green hydrogen to Central Europe
We also have to develop ourselves further internally for this. For us, that means a coherent orientation of the entire company and the creation of the internal framework conditions necessary for this. That is our Mission V.
Mission V strategy graphic