Apprenticeship in electrical engineering and metal technology

Our excellent dual apprenticeship for two professions

With the dual apprenticeship "electrical engineering and metal technology", in the course of four years you will learn two professions at once.
This is just the thing for you if you have good grades in mathematics and physics and are interested in technology. Would you like to perform well, enjoy working in a team and continuously adapt to new situations?– Perfect!

In electrical engineering (systems and operating technology), you start with simple circuits. The important protective measures will be communicated to you right at the start. Already in the third apprenticeship year you will learn programming and visualising of complex systems with the newest programmable logic controllers. Your assignments will include: Installation, testing, putting into operation, maintenance and repair of power plant facilities, energy supply and distribution systems.

In metal technology (mechanical engineering), you will be working with the latest machines and tools, as well as programming computer-aided (CNC) machines. You will manufacture replacement machinery parts and use them to replace defective components. In this way, you will become much more familiar with the various machines.

You won't be alone in this, but rather you will work together in close cooperation with other apprentices and experienced supervisors on turbines, generators and transformers.

After concluding the apprenticeship, many job options are open to you:

  • As an electrical engineer (systems and operating technology), you can plan, install and maintain electrical systems.
  • As a metal technician (mechanical engineering), you can design and build components for machines or whole systems.

With us, you have an optimally equipped apprenticeship post with high safety standards. We attach great importance to good solidarity, so that you feel comfortable with us. To promote this, we offer you and your fellow apprentices athletic activities as well.

Our dual apprenticeship training is possible at these subsidiaries at locations all over Austria and in Germany:

  • VERBUND Hydro Power AG: generates electricity from hydropower.
  • VERBUND-Innkraftwerke Deutschland GmbH, Grenzkraftwerke GmbH, Innwerke AG: generate electricity from hydropower on the Inn River in Bavaria.

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  • letter of application and
  • all end-of-year report cards from the 5th year of school onwards. 

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