With the dual apprenticeship "Laboratory technology (chemistry) and chemical process engineering" you can learn two professions at once within four years.
Here's how your entrance in the professional world works:
You work in a modernly equipped test laboratory which is specialised in monitoring and maintaining high voltage engineering systems. Here you will learn chemical and physical analytics, and learn to interpret measurement results and derive solutions from them.

In laboratory technology (chemistry) we will train you to assess the chemical and physical properties of different substances with modern analytical instruments. We do this by means of classical laboratory procedures on the one hand, and on the other hand with computer-assisted devices and automatic analysing machines.

In chemical process engineering you learn to understand the chemical processes in industrial facilities, to monitor them and to take appropriate measures for safe operation. You will take samples for checking intermediate and final products and pass them on to company chemical laboratories for evaluation. You will also do simple chemical or physicochemical analyses and calculations yourself.

After concluding the apprenticeship:

  • As a laboratory technician, you will carry out physicochemical examinations and tests of different substances and materials.
  • As a chemical process engineer, you will provide for the safe operation of industrial facilities and monitor chemical and physical processes.

Our dual apprenticeship training is possible at this subsidiary at locations in Austria:

  • VERBUND Umwelttechnik GmbH: Contact for environmental issues and chemical questions.

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