Agreement on Styrian 380-kV Line


VERBUND-Austrian Power Grid AG (APG), Austria’s leading grid operator, and the Styrian STEWEAG electric power company have entered into an agreement which can speed up the project of the new Styrian 380-kV line decisively.

It also includes agreements on shared lines (carrying along 110-kV systems on the APG-line), dismantling of line routes that will no longer be needed, and cooperation in transformer substations.

The purpose of the new high-voltage line, which will be about 90 km long, is to connect the distribution stations of Southern Burgenland in Rotenturm and Kainachtal in Zwaring, increase the security of supply in Austria and in Styria considerably and save transmission losses. In 1996 a path of the projected line was worked out by the University of Graz.

"This Agreement reflects our common goal, supporting the Styrian and the Austrian grid to be able to guarantee power supply in the future, too", said Dr. Armin, Managing Director of APG, at a press interview in Graz today, Wednesday. To this end about 50 kilometres of the Steweag’s 110-kV line are to be taken along on the APG’s 380-kV line. As a result about 38 kilometres of Steweag 110-kV lines are no longer needed and can be dismantled.

Moreover, the companies came to an agreement on the required extensions of the APG substations of Kainachtal and Southern Burgenland and the Steweag substations of Zwaring, Werndorf and St. Johann i.d. Haide. For the substation of Eastern Styria the installation of a 380/110-kV switchgear was agreed.

Survey shows majority of Styrians favour project

A large relative majority of 43 % of the Styrians considers a 380-kV line through Eastern Styria to be necessary. A very narrow majority of 50 % of the neighbouring communities rejects such a line. This is the result of a representative opinion poll on the project, which was carried out on behalf of the VERBUND-Austrian Power Grid (APG).

The survey – carried out by PGM-Market Research – showed that both in Styria as a whole and in the 29 neighbouring communities a relatively high proportion of 36 or 26 % respectively of the population are undecided or insufficiently informed.

Only 21 % of the Styrians reject the line, and 24 % of the residents are in favour of the project. In the seven resident communities in Burgenland 26 % are for, 39 % against the line, and 35 % are undecided.

The APG, which wishes to realize the project, uses the results of the survey as an opportunity to launch a broad information campaign, especially in the resident communities. The overwhelming majority of Styrian citizens, namely more than 62 %, and also in the resident communities, gives priority to safeguarding the electricity supply also in the free power market.

"We are positive that Styria and also the neighbouring communities will be ready to make their contribution to safeguard the domestic power supply and protect Styria’s economic position, and to support the construction of the 380-kV Styrian line, if they are informed properly", Dr. Seidl said.