VERBUND: No Sellout of the Domestic Water Resources


VERBUND absolutely rejects the entirely undue misinterpretation of the VERBUND–E.ON – hydro power cooperation by the President of the Environmental Umbrella Organization Gerhard Heilingbrunner. With his statements Heilingbrunner plays around with the Austrians’ doubts and worries beyond the facts in an alarming manner.

Heilingbrunner’s statement according to which the domestic water resources are “sold out unscrupulously” is entirely unfounded. Also, giving up our “independence in the energy policy” is out of the question. VERBUND has pointed out repeatedly that the ownership structure will remain the same as far as the hydroelectric power stations and the water rights are concerned. The purpose of establishing the joint water power company of "European Hydro Power" GmbH (EHP) is the optimal operation of the hydroelectric power plants and thus an improvement of the competitiveness of hydropower versus other methods of power generation – including nuclear power. Moreover, VERBUND will definitely be responsible for the EHP management.

Thus a cooperation like that with E.ON constitutes not at all a “sellout”, as the Environmental Umbrella Organization claims, but on the contrary a responsible and important step to secure the competitiveness of the domestic hydroelectric power industry in the long run, and the best guarantee for independence in the field of energy policy and domestic water resources.