VERBUND becomes supplier of all industry locations of Linde Gas in France


Since November 1, VERBUND has already been supplying all industry locations of Linde Gas s.a. in France with power for another year.

This year again, VERBUND has stood its ground against keenest international competition. In addition to two locations in southern France, which VERBUND has already been supplying for a year, another two locations near Paris have been won. Thus deliveries are increasing by nearly 75 %.

VERBUND is doing more than half of its power business in the international market. The VERBUND international business focuses on Germany, Italy and Switzerland – now locations in France have been added.

The Linde Gas line of Linde AG ranks among the top international suppliers of industrial gas and medical gases. With approx. 19,000 employees at present, the company is taking care of about 1.5 million customers in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia.