First Place for VERBUND at Corporate Responsibility Rating


VERBUND, Austria’s leading power supplier, has won the first place at an international corporate responsibility rating of ecological and social aspects.

20 international energy suppliers from the electricity and natural gas sectors had participated in the rating carried out by oekom research AG. In addition to environmentally relevant aspects such as existence of an environmental management system, production structure, or environmental impacts (e.g. emissions), social aspects were also taken into account.

VERBUND was awarded the first place not least because the company has been publishing its environmentally relevant data in the environmental report for several years already; a proof of the fact that VERBUND’s environmental management and information system works very well. But also with regard to social benefits the company is in the first third of all participants, so that in the overall assessment, too, VERBUND was rated first among all 20 international electricity supply companies.

Corporate rating with regard to sustained yield is important in so far as the market for sustained investment is experiencing high growth rates.

oekom research AG has specialized in analysing and rating stocks and bonds on the basis of ecological and social criteria; it is one of the leading rating agencies in this field.