VERBUND: Austria’s Best Environmental Report 2000


VERBUND, Austria’s leading power company, was awarded AERA (Austrian Environmental Reporting Award) 2000, the Chamber of Trustees’ environmental award for the best environmental report of the year 2000.

On Tuesday evening, Environment Minister Molterer presented the award to VERBUND Chairman Dr. Herbert Schröfelbauer at an official celebration in the House of the Association of Manufacturers in Vienna.

In its statement of reasons the jury underscored the clear representation of the complex problems associated with the description of corporate ecology at the numerous VERBUND locations. According to the jury the individual parameters, energy efficiency, emissions avoidance and the actual condition of the environmental situation is described in an excellent manner.

The VERBUND Environmental Report is now going to be submitted to the “European Environmental Reporting Award“ (EERA), the environmental award of the European trustees, as Austrian contribution in Brussels.

In his ceremonial address, Wilhelm Molterer said that environmentally-aware behaviour was a basis for economic success. He said that preparing an environmental report was much work for a company but an important investment for the future, bringing important findings on marketing, development and legal security as well as easing the burden of administrative activities for the company.