Restructuring of VERBUND Production Completed


With a series of corporate measures, the merger of the hydropower activities of VERBUND-Austrian Hydro Power AG (AHP), STEWEAG and STEG, and the thermal production of VERBUND-Austrian Thermal Power GmbH &Co KG(ATP) and STEWEAG have been finalized.

With the merger of Ludwig Krempl´s Erben Beteiligungs GesmbH and Triebenbach Kraftwerk GesmbH into AHP, the integration of the Styrian hydropower plants of STEWEAG and STEG has been completed.

Thus AHP, producer of pure hydroelectricity with 85 power plants and an average annual output of approx. 21,500 GWh, enhanced its position as by far largest Austrian power producer. Within the EU, the company ranks among the largest producers of electricity generated from renewable hydropower.

Within AHP, VERBUND is now holding 80.3 % of the share capital, 5.3 % are held by EStAG, 10 % by Kelag, the remainder is held by Wienstrom, EVN, Energie AG OOE, and the provinces of Tyrol and Burgenland. The company’s managing board members are Dr. Herbert Schröfelbauer as chairman – responsible for the areas operations and maintenance – and Michael Amerer, the commercial director. The company headquarters are located in Vienna.

In the area of thermal power production, the fusion of all thermal power plants of VERBUND and STEWEAG into a single joint company is not yet possible due to minority shareholdings in ATP. Therefore, the STEWEAG power plants were transferred to a separate company, Thermal Power Styria GmbH & Co KG.

The corporate agents of VERBUND-Austrian Thermal Power GmbH &Co KG (ATP) and Thermal Power Styria GmbH & Co KG adopted the merger of the two companies at the end of July. At the beginning of August, the operation of the Styrian thermal power plants was turned over to ATP. At the same time the company headquarters were relocated to Graz. The managing directors of ATP are Dr. Oswin Kois and Anton Smolak.

VERBUND has a share of 55.6 % in ATP, STEWEAG-STEG-GmbH 33.4 %, KELAG 6.5%, Wienstrom 3 %; smaller shares are held by EVN, Energie AG Oberösterreich, and the provinces of Tyrol and Burgenland.

With approximately 470 employees, ATP is now operating the steam electric power plants of Dürnrohr, Voitsberg, St. Andrae, the district-heating plants of Mellach and Neudorf/Werndorf 2, and six thermal and combined heat and power stations in Styria. The company also owns the preserved plants in Korneuburg, Pernegg and Zeltweg. The total annual output is approx. 5,000 GWh, which corresponds to about one tenth of Austria’s annual power consumption. ATP is also Austria’s second-largest district-heating producer.

In his function as chairman of supervisory board of AHP and chairman of the general meeting of shareholders of ATP Hans Haider, chairman of the VERBUND board of management, expressly welcomes this restructuring of the VERBUND group’s production including the integration of the Styrian power plants.