Enerbility revolutionises electricity trading


VERBUND, Austrian’s leading electricity company, and team4e developed a prototype of the eCMS P2P (electronic confirmation matching system - peer to peer) called ENERBILITY. This new software program - presented at VERBUND-Austrian Power Trading AG in Vienna - marks a milestone in the European electricity market.

The system is based on the European electronic communication standard defined by the EFET IT Task Force (European Federation of Energy Traders). The IT Division of VERBUND (VMSG) as the head of the EFET IT working group took a major part in the development process.

After six months of development team4e and VERBUND introduce their new product, called ENERBILITY, to the European electricity market. It’s going to make the whole confirmation process much easier, not only because of the user-friendly interface. It will streamline business transactions, regarding printing, faxing and checking confirmations between energy traders and will out of that save time and money. Prerequisite from the legal side is a trading agreement (e.g. according to the EFET standard agreement) between the trading counterparts.

ENERBILITY is an electronic confirmation and matching system that makes it possible for all energy companies to exchange their trade confirmations via internet. Technologically it is based on XML as data exchange format and the principle of peer to peer communication. That means that every company sends and receives electronic trade confirmations to and from the other counterpart, not involving a central point which receives and redistributes messages.

The prototype of ENERBILITY has already been tested by VERBUND and its trading partners E.ON, Atel and Statkraft very successfully. Data was transferred through Europe via internet with a special focus on data security.

The main features are:

- Electronic confirmation exchange based on simple internet protocol Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

- Security based on Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and message exchange design

- Graphical interface for status reporting

- Open interface for integration of data exchange with ETRMs

- Easy setup process of new counterparts to exchange confirmations with via a graphical interface




VERBUND is the leading electricity company in Austria. It generates almost 50 % of the electricity and operates over 80 % of the high-voltage grid of Austria. VERBUND is also one of the biggest Austrian listed companies and the most eco-friendly electricity generator in the European Union. VMSG is the Management Service Company of VERBUND. Its IT division is VERBUND’s leading solution partner, responsible for IT operations and IT development.



team4e is a technology and management consulting company in Austria, who puts its main focus on process management, project management and e-business. team4e´s business activities consist of business engineering, performance and value engineering and software engineering. Several companies like T-mobile, mobilkom, Metronet, RZB, ecetra, Hewlett-Packard, ADV or TÜV can be named as reference.

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