Increase in efficiency through flexible workplace design


VERBUND received the Facility Award 2004 for the adaptation of its office premises at the group’s headquarters, located at Am Hof 6a, 1010 Wien. This prize is awarded for real-estate concepts characterized by an outstanding cost-benefit ratio.

The reconstruction of the VERBUND headquarters in Vienna is a result of the restructuring of the group, which was launched in 1994 and also called for a reduction in the number of administrative locations. It was decided to extend the office building located at Am Hof, 1010 Wien, and turn it into the group’s headquarters. The reconstruction of the office block, which was built by the architect Carl Appel in 1954, was launched in 2001, and the final works are to completed in 2004. The total costs of the adaptation and interior decorating of the offices amount to approx. 13 million Euro.

Extended business activities at the Vienna location and the relocation of entire organizational units and subsidiaries to the headquarters were extraordinary challenges for the VERBUND facility management. Flexible, modern office structures for a large number of employees had to be provided, and the relocated employees had to be integrated - an important prerequisite for the establishment of a new corporate culture.

Thus the main focus was on creating open, communicative structures which are flexible enough to meet the different requirements of the different divisions. To the benefit of the individual employee great importance was attached to factors such as workplace light, noise, and climate and ergonomic office furniture. The employees were continuously included in the project planning and implementation, to ensure a high degree of satisfaction.

When the rebuilding works are completed this year, a total of 725 workplaces will be available in the VERBUND House Am Hof. Before the reconstruction, 380 employees were accommodated in the same office space. As new space was created at the head office, VERBUND was able to sell a part of the office building, 12,500 m2 in size. Next year the entrance area of the VERBUND headquarters will be redesigned.