Hydroelectric power as well in the future for all Austrian


“VERBUND, the hydroelectric power company and Austrian group will certainly make sure that the electricity gained from water power will also be offered to all Austrian in the future”.

That was General Director of VERBUND Dipl.-Ing. Hans Haider’s reply to today’s statement of the president of the umbrella organisation for environment. “The statements of Heilingbrunner are entirely factually unfounded and only serve the purpose of unqualified alarm under the cover of environmental protection”, continued Haider.

The Executive Board of VERBUND refused the Austrian Power Solution (ÖSL) for economic reasons and in order to restore competition on the domestic market. The Board of VERBUND will discuss possible alternatives tomorrow with the representatives of EnergieAllianz.

General Director Dipl.-Ing. Hans Haider declined with determination the massive personal attacks expressed by the president of the umbrella organisation for environment: “I urge Mr. Heilingbrunner to return to a professional discussion level based on facts and not to abuse the important concept of environmental protection through disgraceful insinuations”. “I would like to make a point of stressing once more that - hydroelectric power from Austrian water power will be offered to all Austrian”, so Haider to end.