VERBUND electricity: Starter campaign for small and medium-sized companies


The VERBUND, Austria’s leading electricity company, has an especially attractive offer for small and medium-sized companies up to 1 GWh: The 500 companies to be the fastest to switch to VERBUND electricity will each receive a free 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity.

This campaign will cover the first 500 signed electricity supply contracts to reach the company with the field “customer-to-customer promotion” checked “member of the WKÖ”.

Detailed information and contract offers are available at the VERBUND’s free service hotline - 0800 210 210 - as well as, furthermore at the WKÖ service hotline (0800 221 223).

One simple step to the VERBUND: Switching to the VERBUND entails neither costs nor efforts. Upon receiving the signed electricity supply contract, the VERBUND’s electricity sales division will effect negotiations with the customer’s former electricity supplier and, once the required transition period of 6 to 8 weeks has elapsed, will initiate the supply of VERBUND electricity.

Since 1 July, the VERBUND has been offering all Austrians clean electricity generated from 100% pure domestic hydropower at an attractive price. In accordance with the motto of the campaign: “Clean electricity, clean price”, VERBUND customers get to enjoy an environmental bonus in addition to the monetary one: 16 billion kWh of VERBUND electricity are certified by the renowned TÜV (Technical Control Board) as being 100% purest hydropower.