VERBUND welcomes its 10,000th private customer after just 4 months


Brigitte Seiser has good reason to be delighted: Being VERBUND’s 10,000th electricity customer, she has won free electricity for one year.

The mother of two from Stockerau runs a catering service from which not only her family benefits. She is just one of an increasing number of VERBUND customers, currently switching over to affordable electricity coming from sustainable production.

“Our product ‘Clean electricity at a clean price’ is attracting more and more customers, we are delighted to be receiving over a hundred enquiries a day”, said VERBUND Managing Director, Dipl.-Ing. Hans Haider, at the prize award ceremony.

Together with its subsidiary VERBUND-Stromvertrieb GmbH, VERBUND has been active in Austria’s end-customer market since 1 July 2005, selling electricity wholly produced by domestic hydroelectric power. Target groups include households, trade and farming operations with an annual electricity consumption of up to 100,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh). The energy price of just about 4.30 cent per kWh excluding VAT is unrivalled, and VERBUND’s sales service makes switching electricity suppliers easier than ever: Just sign - and everything else will be settled by the VERBUND team. For further details, please visit or call the helpdesk 0800 210 210.