Merrill Lynch raises the price target for the VERBUND share


In its most recent research report on VERBUND, investment bank Merrill Lynch has raised the price target for the VERBUND share to Euro 315.00 per share and confirmed the purchase recommendation.

As a result of the recent renewed increase in European wholesale prices, Merrill Lynch has forecasted results in financial development for 2006 to 2008 surpassing all expectations reached so far.

According to Merrill Lynch, the price of the VERBUND share has doubled over the past twelve months and thus demonstrated best performance among European supplier values. VERBUND’s highly qualitative, cost-saving generation units, together with the company’s highly advantageous protection strategy, therefore guarantee strong results in financial developments in the near future also. Merrill Lynch recommends the VERBUND share as a “must” in the investor’s portfolio for 2006.