VERBUND promotes exhibition "Kraftwerke"


17 young artists present their work, powered by AHP: Supported by Austria's largest electricity producer and in cooperation with the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, 17 young artists have created a palette of works ranging from the drawing through to the mini feature film, from the photo through to the comic.

The "Kraftwerke" (English = power stations) by the up-and-coming artists can be seen in Vienna from tomorrow, Wednesday 14 March 2007, in the exhibition of the same name that is being held in the former "Semper Depot".

VERBUND-Austrian Hydro Power AG, or AHP for short, a subsidiary of VERBUND – Austria's leading electricity company, is by far the largest electricity producer in the country. The company produces electricity in an extremely environmentally friendly way, generated exclusively from Austrian hydropower. AHP is not only active as an electricity producer, but has also made a name as a sponsor and art promoter over the past years.

The most recent project is AHP's co-operation with the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. Under the motto "Kraftwerke", 17 students have grappled with the AHP "energy centres" or, in other words, the AHP power stations. The result is an extremely exciting and critical through to provocative debate with art and the economy, electricity and photography, technology and nature.

Opening times and exhibition location:
The exhibition is open from tomorrow, 14 March, daily (except Sundays) until 23 March from 12:00 until 18:00 in the studio building of the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, the former "Semper Depot", Lehargasse 8, in the 6th district. Entrance free.