VERBUND Board Chairman Pistauer: "Apprentice training is extremely important for us."


Dual-vocation training: Further interested applicants recruited as of immediately. In September this year, 27 youths will begin their apprenticeship at VERBUND, Austria's leading electricity company, for the dual vocation of electrical- and construction engineer.

Their prospects for a positive completion of the training are bright since, due to the strict pre-selection criteria, the drop-out rated is virtually non-existent. And no fewer than 30% of VERBUND apprentices complete their final examination with honours. "At VERBUND, we attribute particularly high value to the training of apprentices. That's why dedicated young people have good prospects of starting a career at our group after completion," Michael Pistauer, Chairman of the Managing Board, comments. 

The VERBUND Group spends more than 2.3 million euros annually on its apprentice training.  Thus, a separate training centre is operated at Ybbs on the Danube, in which currently more than 100 apprentices are being attended to. The first year of training involves learning basics; from the second year of apprenticeship, the technical training is intensified during an additional four to six weeks of training per year. In Amstetten, the apprentices attend vocational school, the boarding costs of which are fully paid for by VERBUND.

As one of the first companies of Austria, VERBUND began to offer dual vocational training as early as the mid 80s. The entire training period comprises four years. Whereas apprentice compensation in the first year is at just under 500.00 euros, in the fourth year apprentices already earn more than 1,100 euros – not including bonuses and premiums for outstanding achievements at vocational school.

A particularly high degree of commitment comes from the VERBUND apprentices from Tyrol.
That's why VERBUND wants to persuade more young Tyrolean men and women in the future to apply for an apprenticeship.

Any young people interested - and not just from Tyrol - are invited to apply immediately: either by Telephone at the VERBUND apprentice hotline +43 (0)50313–44 530, or, by e-mail, at Detailed information can be obtained from the VERBUND website under > Career > Apprentices.