VERBUND suspends decision regarding liquidation of Voitsberg III


In order to evaluate all possible options regarding the future of the decommissioned power plant of Voitsberg III, VERBUND requires clear legal certainty of the situation.

In the course of considerations regarding the future of the coal-fired power plant of Voitsberg III, decommissioned in 2006, several different legal opinions have been raised, especially against the backdrop of a potential payback of the stranded-costs assistance in the amount of 132.6 million Euro.

In order to provide clarity for all people involved as soon as possible, including the residents of the region concerned, VERBUND has suspended the liquidation decision in order to have the legal situation examined in detail. Clear legal certainty is required in order to be able to evaluate all options in question, ranging from liquidation to sale to subsequent use of the power plant.

Once the results are in, VERBUND will be entering negotiations with the co-owners of VERBUND–Austrian Thermal Power (ATP), which is in charge of Voitsberg III, in order to discuss the best possible solution.